Where's Music At?

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It’s always an exciting day to release a new LP into the world, especially when it’s a kaleidoscopic, psychedelic, improvised ambient electronic epic like the debut LP from Greg Dallas & Jan Esbra. After a long friendship these two finally made it into the studio to explore the intersection of effect pedal disguised guitar & modern electronica with a handy piano thrown in the mix as well. The tracks all stemmed from short improvised sessions that were then arranged post recording into the free flowing force of cosmic musicality that now sits before you.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Stream: Greg Dallas - Confluence - Amplify - Powering the new music economy

If you need some bump and oomph but not the full rave then check out the deep start of night/emotional moment beats, after the dance ambient vibes and cascading synths from Amane for Música Macondo. One for your head and hips.

If you want more ethereal dance music then the Ambient House playlist might be for you: Spotify

Let the warm ambient folk, deceptively disarming singer songwriting and choral opiates of the new Wickerbird LP for Lost Tribebathe your Sunday leisure activities their its sedative sunshine and make everything alright for a moment.

Seriously soothing, positively radiating, chakra aligning, cosmos voyaging, New Age, Kosmische ambience from TENGGER & Ramble Records (for the vinyl). Take a break from the doom scrolling, put this on the player & head to your nearest area of natural beauty and marvel at the wonders. ​Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.

If you want to know what the afterlife sounds like as the echoes of your life flashing before you are still resonating - from early club adventures; the midlife Netflix years; the Caribbean cruise, on your way towards that funny light, then check out the disembodied ambient vibes of JJ+JS for Daisart.

As the northern hemisphere skies are coloured grey, the cold winds taunt & the reservoirs fill once more, Strulgattu aided by the graceful strings of Meierkord & Messy Weekend Records, ruminate on the changing seasons in classic chill out fashion, helping to ease my start of week reticence & gently nudge me towards the inevitable workload.