Where's Music At?

So there seems to be a lot of reminiscing in this forum. Misty & hazy eyed looking back to more carefree, pre-mortgage, pre-kids, pre-hair loss/growth (delete as applicable), pre-MP3/streaming days.

So I thought I set up a topic for recommendations of new music from interesting bands (age flexible) and don’t forget the younger artists, who (Age of Virus aside!) are still wide eyed, hopeful and living their “rave years” now.

Keeping things fresh is a good way to stay young, and I’m talking from experience :slightly_smiling_face:

Extra brownie points if the music is brand new & deviates from the forum’s favourite styles.


Here’s some to get the ball rolling: With club subwoofers gathering dust, @om_unit has moved with the home listening times, mined bass history and acid house sound palettes and with a futuristic twist combined them into a laid back, locked down lesson in dub deviance.

Thanks to my favourite new blog discovery @petalmotel for hipping me to @adelinehotel’s new LP. Like a vivid & most pleasant dream, guitar notes suddenly appear twinkling all around, before slowly settling into a snug, winter warming ambient folk blanket.

With hints of desert blues & all sorts of psychedelic slurry, Meril Wubslin’s widescreen acid folk album is a fine, far out trip with its French vocals giving it an extra cosmic je ne sais quoi. Big up @bongojoerecords for dropping this pleasant surprise into the punch.

I keep coming back to the new @lubomirgrzelak LP for @haunter.records & his less is more approach to deviant electronica. It’s a rollercoaster ride through ambient dancehall, odd sounds, raw drums, synthesizer futurism, dystopian soundscapes, whimsical asides & well recommended.


Just discovered Aleksandir today. His album Skin is a stunner. Worth a google/DuckDuckGo


This is a good idea. There’s so much new music coming out now that I find trawling through it all very painful, especially when you’re trying to cover many genres.

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Sounds good and interesting to hear really progressive electronic artists from places like Turkey, a country that often gets overlooked by the Angloleaning press - Skin | Aleksandir

https://youtu.be/NJRXeshmdSM i love these haunting hypnotic plodding types of tracks, i call it “doom disco”

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Been liking a little bit of Berwyn since seeing this on Jools Holland

Also can’t wait for the Lady Blackbird album but that doesn’t feel quite so down with the kids


This lot. Association Fatale. Super cool French kids.

Love this one even though it samples Usher.


Mind you this was actually from last year so can’t be that cutting edge!

I know the feeling, I’m not sure if this will help or hinder!

You definitely get a pass on that, most of the music on here is 40 years old :slightly_smiling_face:

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I changed the remit to “allow” older artists as well :slightly_smiling_face: Lady Blackbird is great, I want to hear her at the start of the next Bond movie. Berwyn sounds like a talent, there have always been loads of great black artists in the UK but this is their golden age, they’re smashing the charts, exporting grime and drill to the four corners. The recent Arlo Parks LP is a perfect slice of soulful pop. I went to see Stormzy about three years ago in Berlin and honestly I haven’t seen a 1500 people venue bounce like that since '91, not to mention the Germans knew all the words…

I always check what Anatolian Weapons are doing - top act.



More French stuff. Modern dub vibes.

Just discovered this UK new drumming Don as well, who does a bit of everything - Sundown ft The Mac SiStars | MckNasty ft The Mac SiStars | MckNasty

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Two of my favorites:

Yes the level of hipsterism is off the charts but the dudes can play. Louis Cole has gotten more young people into “jazz” in the past few years than any major jazz artist. And did I mention they can play?

Number two is much mellower, but also great IMO - Kate Bollinger. Found out about here through the fantastic “Nice Guys” Youtube/Spotify channel, and been listening to her music a lot in more relaxing moments.

Great band, fantastic voice, tunes, and yesssss I will mention she’s quite fetching too.


Liking that.

Vanille - Carte du ciel from new album Soliel '96

La Récré - L’An 2000

Marlowe (L’Orange & Solemn Brigham) - Future Power Sources

Alice Phoebe Lou - Dirty Mouth
I love everything she does

UK melody pop king John Myrtle - fans of Jim Noir, Divine Comedy, Badly Drawn Boy etc will dig

Pinty - Comfort Me feat. Emma-Jean Thackray

Rudy De Anda - Helado
Mexican-Californian man’s new album is a cracker

Mia Doi Todd & Laraaji - Wainiha Valley

Cool Sounds - Alive
I unashamedly embraced pop sounds during the past 12 months - needed a simpler human touch to a lot of the music I listened to.

Cleo Soul’s “Rose In The Dark” was my album of 2020. Can’t wait to hear more from her this year


Love that Kate Bollinger clip. Here’s 2 more very talented, fair haired song birds to check out - both these songs are so goddamn beautiful:

The setting, the choir, her playful vocal runs and the overall sweeping groove. So good.

Goosebumps. Julia Jacklin, an Australian treasure.


i’ll never stop raving. music is timeless and ageless for me, which keeps me young and makes me feel old from time to time too… :slightly_smiling_face:

i’m not sure if these qualify as “current”, everything being recylced and all that… but “fresh” to these ears

overmono - everything you need. hard to choose one track, so here’s two!

a k paul - be honest. like the nephew of romanthony and spacek.

duval timothy - old kent road. i like piano music, this is from his album ‘brown loop’.

el michels affair - adult themes… just class, all the way… filmic, black, blue… dope!

oh, and the rework of the 36 chambers … 37 chambers, the whole damn thing.

acoustically? kelsey lu - morning dew

great thread! :star: