Where's Music At?

Put your feet up, your headphones on & peer through the musical microscope at the sonic particles of Toan’s staggeringly detailed ambient world, where a million disparate sound particles somehow synergise to create a stunningly beautiful electroacoustic whole. One of my ambient LPs of the year from Krysalisound.

Just in time to soundtrack your summer lounging & intimate moments Sessa has dropped his new LP of whispered neo-Tropicalia for Mexican Summer. Seemingly recorded after a couple of bowls, he continues his unhurried, whimsical musings on the varied nature of love swept along by vintage strings & the classic sounds of this most musical of countries.

If you’ve been checking the blog or Slow Folk playlist you’ll already be well aware of Lindsay Clark, and I’m happy to report her LP for Audiosport is finally here and living up to all my lofty expectations. This really is a most enchanting folk LP, as her distinctive vocals are elevated further heavenwards by clouds of lovingly crafted, reality dissipating arrangements. Just wonderful.