Whats the mix you often go back to that we might not know?

Yeah that’s what i love about it, how he’s playing different genres but somehow making it all work without it sounding all over the place & also making it sound fun as well.
I like the sound of your Indie sets btw:+1:

I think originally appeared on DJ History, it’s a beauty…

Is Michael still around?

Michael Cook - Sun Haze Blues (2008)


Enjoyed that, apt title, any idea of the track near the end with the Jimi Hendrix sample?

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Thanks, really like that :+1:

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pretty much any mix by Tony Watson !

Ioved the mystery mix he did as well

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Mr. Zula – A Trip to Turkish Electronic Music History (1961-1983), mix, 2012. I think it’s online but if not I’ll see if I still have a copy here. Criminally underrated.

you probably know this one. DJH mystery mix, so no great secret. but just fantaaaaaaastic.

lexx’s unassailable mystery mix:



Never heard of him before but just went down a rabbit hole and what an incredible talent. What happened to him?

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He sadly perished in a car accident :confused:

You speak to proper heads like Rob J, who used to go to Japan loads, Zecky was the og. Playing tracks eons before Harvey and the likes got hold of them.

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Seems like a really interesting guy. Totally missed him and I lived in Japan, so wondering how/why.


Was part of the Discosessions collective. I’m still trying to ID most of that Waffle mix :rofl:

Terrible story… He was off his bicycle adjusting the wheels or something and a driver never saw him as he was bending down… :pensive:

Finally found a link to this classic mix from David Holmes before his essential mix and Hollywood he was a regular guest at Sides dc in Dublin. He was one hell of a mixer and this was recorded in Jonny Moys flat after his set at Sides es… The mixing of fever called love and the accapella of Shelter Me @15:00 is just spot on…


an old Phantasy eclipse tape from early 91, before all the genres split.

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His PBar mix from 2013 still holds up today

Live set rather than DJ mix, but one that I come back to all the time

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is 91 belgian meets UK brutalism balearic? Cos just saw Kleez upped one of his classic mixes again.

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