Whats the last record you bought?

Was the first thing I played when I got home. Sounds great for £3


got a mess of good stuff yesterday - picked up some of my friend’s records that he sold to a store up here, and then came home to a package of new stuff on the porch.

i’ve always loved this record, have all the singles from it, but for some reason never had the full album. 30+ years later, that’s been rectified.

i joked that the only reason i was picking this up was because i had other ITN records, though i haven’t listened to them in… 30 years. no reason not to though, i guess.

it’s always a good idea to pick up section 25 records when you see them out in the wild. unappreciated band (other than “looking from a hilltop”), around here anyways.

a lovely, somewhat silly record. i’ve been trying to buy up the house albums of this era, i’m not really sure why. it’d be fun to make a record like this now, but it also might be a young person’s game.

lie down and be counted indeed. this is probably only a VG copy of this, but you just don’t see them anymore. i’ll probably run it through my pal’s degritter and see if i can make it sound quieter.

i ponied up for the re-issue. like global chillage, it’s a classic from that era and i thought why not buy a nice new one? haven’t put it on the turntable yet so i can’t vouch for the quality, but it certainly looks good.

just a lovely record, and it’s been cool to hear a bit of it on KMHD now and again. the harp is having a moment, clearly.

super great, but i don’t have to tell you folks that!

kind of an impulse buy - it sounded good to me when i first heard it, so i ordered it. then i listened to it again, and didn’t care for it as much. just listened to it on vinyl and it’s good, though at times i find it a lil’ moody and a lil’ trancy-pants. we’ll see how it ages.


The colourform repress sounds really good imo

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I just had a listen. Being a comp, it’s a bit on the quiet side but it sounds completely fine imo.

I wouldn’t mind a slice of that action if the offer still stands? Have loved any version of this since I first heard on a Hot Chip Bugged Out mix about 15 year ago!

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Here you go. Unfortunately it seems I downloaded it as an mp3 and as he’s taken it off Bandcamp now I can’t get a WAV.

Btw this link expires in a few hours


Amazing! This definitely belongs in the ‘banger’ category :ok_hand: - thank you!

Thanks, will put this on my wants


Dope record that esp that Makossa dub on the flip. Stupendous.

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