What you going to?

Don’t know who wrote that on the bottom of the poster but they need a good talking to


Yes, not the best slogan or call to arms :smiley:

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Heading for Dublin now soon for Overmono at Vicar St… One of Ireland best venues… Don’t know much about them so going in blind… Oh and a friend has a few Blue Bitcoin bumble bee’s… :grimacing:

Have tickets for the Dublin gig next month can’t wait… They are like gold dust here… Hope promoter doesn’t change to bigger venue.

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Los Angeles business x


It was great this year. Met so many old friends, and made a few new ones. Just as it should be.

Having narrowly missed a terrible bike accident on the way down to the castle (rear wheel came off and I went over the handlebars), we will head to Dresden in Lisbon (November ) to burn sacrificial offerings to the electro gods in thanks for being spared! Thank you to all of you for your thorough guide to Lisbon’s delights.


Overmono gig last night in Dublin was brilliant, full house and the sound was amazing … Vicar St easily the best venue in Dublin…


Was my first time after hearing so much from ppl for years. Lived up to everything I’d heard… And some. Start to finish was amazing in every way. Think it’ll be a fixture in the calendar now! Very hard to pick any particular highlight out as they were all pretty much perfect, but sons of slough, and ivan/chloe get a special mention from me! Planning next year already :grin:

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They should have just said If you know you know… :blush:

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Should be an interesting day:

The Krossing - Mumufication


A Sunday afternoon social at Hidden Sounds (Dalston) with DJ sets from RAMZi, ddwy (Inner Totality and Nangi) plus ourselves. Come by for a shop, chat or dance. BYOB!


I should’ve known I’d find you here!
I am not as nearly as active on this forum as I should’ve been, but I’ll chime in and add that my first ever Convenanza was an amazing weekend. And the great music all around was only a small part of the whole experience.


100% agree - and can’t wait to see you next year - I never forget a promise! :sun_with_face::crossed_swords:


Back with our bi-monthly Shades Of Sound gathering this Saturday. We have Scotland’s finest OOFT joining us


I might have to quote that in my next appraisal document :woozy_face:

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I went to this ‘immersive experience’ in Hackney last night Studio Dreamachine - Dreamachine and it was pretty cool. 12 people inside a tent inside a studio lying back on a reclining circular sofa with speakers either side of your head. The soundtrack is by Jon Hopkins and it gets pretty trippy. You come out definitely feeling like you’ve had an experience.


Trying to convince the Mrs for the 20th. Looks v fun.

Here now (Herbert)
Warm up (NYX?) hypnotic beyond words


Herbert solo or with band?

What a gig! I’ll never see horses in the same way again!