What you going to?

Things opening up soon. What you got planned? What looks good?

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I’m hopefully off to Field Manoeuvres festival at the beginning of September - I’ve not been before - anyone know if its any good?

Hopefully Caribou January 2022 vicar St Dublin

it’s a good crowd i’ve heard from my pals that have been. lineups not my thing this year but if it is then i reckon you’ll have a great time

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Got tix for NOUS a little festie in a French castle (not THAT French castle) in Aug. Musically can’t go too wrong with fabrizio mamarella and 2 mamarrachos on the bill. Just hoping crossing the border isn’t too much of a faff.


We’re hosting a Chill Out Tent stage at this camp out / mini festival 24/25th July in East Sussex along with 1BTN radio from Brighton, should be a fab weekend…

Lodgefest 2021 Tickets, Sat 24 Jul 2021 at 12:00 | Eventbrite

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Hope it’s ok to post my own night in here, as I couldn’t really see where else to put it and in here seemed logical.

Threw a party back in July at the The Jolly Gardeners pub down in Vauxhall that seemed to go pretty well, so have decided to try and have a go at a semi-regular thing and stick a name on it.

If you fancy having a bit of a boogie in a lovely South London boozer on your bank holiday weekend, then please pop in and say hello! I can also vouch for what is an extremely good Sunday roast.

After the fantastic fun we had at The Jolly Gardeners back in July, we’ve decided to do it all over again. Only this time, we’ve decided to give a name to that fun. Love Tempo is your new favourite party at your new favourite local.

Musically, expect anything and everything. Cosmic grooves, afro funk, balearic beats, disco anthems and serious house music. Our aim is simply to play good music that makes you smile and move around.

Join Morganista and Biscuiat on Sunday 29th of August for a bumper bank holiday special with music from 4pm until 11pm.



faith party at the cause in October.


Music back in the local pub tonight :headphones:

fuck all, thanks to 9pm lockdown curfew here in Sydney

I’ve just been sent an invite to something called the Boogaloo Weekender. The name put me off straight away but then I checked the line up. What is it!? Possibly one of the worse line ups I have ever seen. No offence to anyone who is playing there of course haha. See you there.

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Just got 2 tickets for the godfathers of Irish House in the tiny village of Leap Co. Cork :pray: can’t bloody wait

I’m sure they will keep it nice and mellow early playing stuff from the new album

ALFOS Glasgow September 21st. Can’t lie I am still a little apprehensive, but with a much older crowd and minimal young team in attendance, I think I’ll feel a bit safer


Back again tonight after a great night last week.

Is anyone else going to Beat Hotel Ibiza? https://beat-hotel.com/happenings/

Cross post from another thread, but going to Lowlife on October 30th at Corsica Studios


I can’t see that being much a success to be honest, saw the line up few weeks ago and it looks good but these never really work moving from one place to another… Been to a few like that over the years and its mostly people connected to the promoter’s, dj ect that attend . Kinda like Miami style pool party’s in Dubai or Cafe Del Margate :rofl:

Just reading the promo page now it reads like a loosely connected series of sets etc. Hostal La Torre and Cala Gracioneta are minutes walk from each other so I’m not sure what would be different from just going to those venues for a drink and a listen to the music any other time?

Well the music will be better at Cala gracionete that for sure… HLT I swore next time I go there I’ll bring a flamethrower :rage:

Haven’t been to either but we’re going to Cala Gracioneta for lunch next week…keep reading things about HLT that makes me want to swerve it

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