What you going to?

Looking forward to this one!

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Ace! Come say hello :slight_smile:

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I’m heading to the Faith party on Saturday, looking forward to hearing Timmy Regisford again. Anyone else going?


I’m going. Cannae wait.


Shelter is on the bucket list - one day!

Be interesting to hear what he plays for that crowd.

I had an incredible experience there mid-00s. I went with my wife about midnight and it was pretty full with a slightly younger crowd than I was expecting. The music was decent but not great house and to be honest it felt like a regular club night and I wasn’t really feeling it. We stayed for a couple of hours and went back to the hotel.

I then got up early and went back on my own about 8am and had one of the best clubbing experiences of my life. The crowd was older heads by that point, there was more room to move, the music was more soulful, the system sounded better and Timmy had the room in the palm of his hand. Everyone danced like their lives depended on it and I stayed til it ended about midday. Then rolled out into the Manhattan sunlight for some well-earned food!


Likewise, I managed to get to Shelter somewhere in the mid 00s. Also arrived at about 8am (having set my alarm after a heavy NYC night out). I couldn’t wake my mate to join me, so went solo and feeling slightly apprehensive .

Absolutely f*king loved it.

Regisford cranking the sound system, people literally rolling around the floor on talc powder and lots of very expressive dancing. Can remember thinking my classic english moves weren’t cutting it in NYC.

The one track that Timmy seemed to really champion and played about 3 times was this Seal track. I couldn’t find it for ages but remember turning up in Vinyl Junkies one day and there it was…

Don’t know why this track didn’t get more props. The instrumental is pretty epic too.


Top stories, I miss Vinyl Junkies😞

Barney and Heather brought their Love from Liverpool and gave me some much needed happiness and attention for my Birthday. They also worked their socks off to set up/take down the gig, make it all sound great and energise the dance floor.

There was that rush of excitement and anxiety at least half an hour before stepping up to the decks, felt a bit flat after that.

Amidst the controlled chaos that these nights are I could see the music was reaching my dance floor friends. So it was nice to feel I had some purpose in those moments.

I was alone again on Sunday afternoon and the abyss opened again as expected, but I’ve had a lot of people looking out for me and giving me some outlet for my records…so thanks x

Bumblebee Unlimited sounded amazing and was the highlight in a sequence of banging bangers. List is an approximation of order.

Soft Rocks-Talking Jungle

Circuit Boy– Rewind (I had banged in ‘The door’ acapella as I had a dropped channel on the cartridge pins and had to clean it out with a cotton tip and alcohol)

Soft Rocks-Talking Jungle from the top again…like a rewind!

Morenas-Cuando Brilla La Luna

Sueño Latino – Luxuria (Cutmaster mix)

Agua Re – Holy Dance

Chez Damier-Untitled

Sax– Don’t Turn Your Back On Me (Funny Bone Mix)


Miroslav Vitous– New York City

Cloud-All Night Long (Remix)

Bumblebee Unlimited – Lady Bug (Levan Mix)

Dinosaur L – Go Bang! #5

Chicago-Street Player

Patti Labelle-Music Is My Way Of Life

Alicia Myers-I Want To Thank You

Lime-On The Grid (Remix)

Voyage- Souvenirs

Class Action-Weekend

Whitney Houston-Love Will Save The Day


No messing at the end there👊

Yes Paul, we went to closing at 2.00am. This is a heavy rock venue that tolerates ‘our strange music that all sounds the same’.

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Funnily enough I dug out Love Will Save The Day the other week after years of not playing it. What a great record. Peace and harmony!


I’ll credit Andy Skank from Northampton for telling me about playing it earlier in the year as last record and how well it was received.

A Jellybean production, Roy Ayers on Vibes :ok_hand:


Missed another one early on.


when it become compulsory for flyers to have pics of the DJs on them, its like who cares, Im not there to see what they look like
I suppose all part of the DJ on stage ( which I know Faith dont do)

The 1st one I remember was Circus in Manchester which was truly awful pic of Mike P, Sasha & Justin + Greg


I’m selling 2 x standing tickets to the New Order gig at the O2 next Friday 29th if anyone is interested? £60 each, less than face value which is £74 plus fees.

Give me a shout!

Edit: now sold

Also realised I have 2 tickets for the Yayoi Kusama “Infinity Mirror Rooms” exhibition at the Tate on Saturday 30th at 11:45am if anyone is interested in them as well?

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This is an excellent exhibition.