What you going to?

I wondered about making the 29th July one a forum family fun day. Possibly open decks. Perhaps @Piers or @Apiento could be persuaded to guest?
There’s be a prize for the furthest travelled :wink: :joy:


Penguin Cafe at Union Chapel on November 14th.



What a night.


Just got freebies for this :green_heart:


Just returned from Cleo Sol’s performance at the Royal Albert Hall. Joyous, heartfelt wonder. The Hall was filled with love, warmth, and stunning music.


I organised a reunion party for a beloved Sydney underground electronic night called Frigid, that has been dormant for 17 years. There were so many smiling faces in the building. 8 DJs over 2 rooms for 9 hours. Was a lot of fun.

Edit - Ruf Dug just aired a 2 hour chat with two of my old friends known as Sub Bass Snarl, who were the originators of these parties just now on his NTS show. If you ever visited Sydney in the 90’s or 2000’s, chances are you were at one of their events at some time or another - they chatted about about all things Sydney underground scene, Sub Bass Snarl, community radio, Frigid and more. A perfect layer of icing on the cake we baked on Friday night.


everything about that looks fun.


Well played that man. I was all lined up to go but had family arrangements I forgot about. Stoopid family. Looks like a great night.

Would have loved to get to this! Super jealous. Such a star.

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Given the love and demand for her in the Hall I think there will be more performances imminently. Totally agree that she’s a star. The audience’s devotion to her was inversely matched by her humility and care; it something I’ve rarely experienced.

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Off to the States next…hoping for a foray North :crossed_fingers:

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here’s my review of the Will Gregory Moog Ensemble and the Australian Chamber Orchestra collaborative show.

you know it was on the Friday not the Saturday yes? lol

Galliano tonight at Villiage Underground

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Heading off to this in a minute, don’t really know what to expect, but in Lisbon so thought I better get my finger out.


This should be a good one. Any Manchester peeps fancy coming down say hi :wave:

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Busy week for me - Tuesday night was Kelman Duran who only got to play a short set but f*ck it was great

Friday night was The Pharcyde - what a show! 30 years in the waiting for me to see these guys and they DELIVERED

Last night was a conversation with Mike White and Jennifer Coolidge, talking all things White Lotus and their previous careers - quirky, messy and hilarious.


Swapping ticket for this one now as for body and soul festival I can go with a mate his camper🙏 the line up is not to bad and it’s a small festival…

Names there I have never heard of so a heads up will be appreciated :green_heart: looking forward to The Blaze on Sunday.

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They’ve added a couple more dates at the BFI for the ‘I Am Weekender’ thing.

We’re doing 6pm on the Sunday.



Nice one. Thanks for the heads up. Tickets secured.