What do your kids listen to?


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Dave, Loyle Carner, Arctic Monkeys, Aitch, Tyler TC, Fontaines DC, Pa Salue, Camelphat, Daniel Caesar and Little Simz mainly. I say mainly but virtually nothing outside of that bunch. Not too bad really. And they are both at uni now so I get free reign :grin:

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well, now that my kid is 8.5 she’s all in on pop music. i just helped her make her first playlist and it’s full of lady pop - lizzo, miley, taylor, olivia rodrigo and a TON of lady gaga. and for some reason, billy idol’s “white wedding”.

i don’t mind it as much as i thought i would, at least she likes music. she’s not yet at the age where she’s asking me to turn off the stuff that i like. i’ll try not to do that to her either.


White Wedding is an amazing record though, loved that when I was 12/13

no doubt, it’s a ripper.

our current nighttime read is boomi’s boombox, which i can recommend - it’s kind of a sad and weird tale, but basically a young girl’s dad dies of covid and she discovers a time-travel link to a 12yo-version-of-her-dad through an old mixtape and personal stereo (we used to call them ghetto blasters, which i cringe to think that a young me would actually proudly say out loud).

the chapters are all titled after big pop songs of 84-86, and we watch the videos of all of them before we read them. there was a chapter called “rebel yell” and we watched the video, but then i was like “you gotta see this ‘white wedding’ video - but be warned - it’s full of butts” and lol, she loved it, and had to put it on the playlist.

it’s kind of got everything that a babygoth wants - leather, coffins, motorcycles, churches, shirtless dudes, a little bit of blood, and a big ol’ pop music hook.