What do your kids listen to?

gotcha. never heard of him. i do like the name though. more rappers should name themselves names like “ron” or “cheryl”. proper parent names.

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I don’t think I have ever heard him but my neighbour who is 50+ said he is really good, his son is a big fan.

Thought this was ‘Dave’??



He’s Dave (403) on Discogs (there’s a lot of other Daves!)

Like the Four Tet mix on this one:

And there’s me thinking you were on about Little Dickie. Mildly amusing series I thought, well I watched it.


Love that series, watched it when I had COVID

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So far today, heard eminating from the 14 year old’s bedroom - The Smiths, Imagination, Lorde and he’s currently blasting a bit if Roy Ayes. There’s hope for him yet…


My 8 year old has really taken to soul records.

Loves Amber Mark, The Sacred Souls, records on Colemine and Karma Chief and is basically treating Gorillaz like I did Public Enemy back in the day but instead of trying to hunt down the samples he’s checking out the guests and producers. Caught him. Listening to Twilite Tone the other day because he produced Humanz I think. None of his friends are into music yet so I am sure when they all find their thing this will change but for now I’ll bask in the glory of hearing “Siri, play…”. And, no, there’s no way I’m telling him I have a lot of this on vinyl because I’m still kidding myself that they’re investments in their future.

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My 13yo daughter has introduced me to Tyler The Creator’s music and to be honest I’m quite blown away by some of it! She has really eclectic taste in music and I’ve never tried to get her to listen to anything, she just does her own thing on Spotify, discovering tracks she likes. I rarely hear it because she’s always got headphones in but sometimes like today it pops up on the car playlist and there are always a few songs that I would consider buying myself.


Mostly stuff she picks up from her mates and Tik Tok. She has a Spotify subscription and seems to enjoy making playlists and sometimes plays me them in the car. It’s a right mixed bag, modern rap, stuff she heard on Euphoria, older music through Tik Tok and so on.

I’ve never tried to interest her in the music I like, aside from introducing her to Rosalía, who we both love.

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My 3 year old loves “Kirby” (John Carroll Kirby) and The Zenmenn! Like that earlier post said, it’s such a pure time in life, where he’s just excited to listen to whatever I listen to.


& they have no frame of reference, it’s just pure & authentic :heart:


Passed a group of kids earlier playing Gangsters Paradise

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Got a little 2 month old son. We been listening to this. Both awake and asleep.

Three months on and it’s all gone Tyler the Creator and Steve Lacey. Tried (unsuccessfully) to bag him tix to see SL at The Roundhouse, but alas, my trigger finger isn’t so sharp these days.

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Identical in our house. My 12 year old daughter was lucky enough to be given free tix and also the privelege of watching Tyler from a catered corporate box here in Sydney. I told her not to use that as the benchmark for future concert experiences! Tickets for Steve Lacey go on sale here on Tuesday and she’s asked for some. Expectations are high but I fear it might sell out very quickly.


I went to a festival here in Ireland years ago pretending to be a reporter for a news papers weekend entertainment guide, my friend who was the actual guy just couldn’t go and said to me use my name and get all the perks… I arrived with my Mrs and two kids the night before, girl at the gate said Wow its great you brought the family here’s your wrist bands Mr blaa blaa and Steven here will bring you to your accommodation for the weekend :+1:


Start a Best Blags thread :+1:

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I would say there’s some good ones amongst the people on here :pray:

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and King Geedorah :sweat_smile: