Track ID’s - Name That Tune

Trying to find an extended instrumental edit from around 2010 of David Bowie and Pat Metheny - This Is Not America.
It was called “Is Not” I think. Anyone remember who that edit’s by?

Not the Balearic Edit Delite one?

Similar tempo to this alright, but it was a different one.

EDIT: OK I found it. It’s by Mikrodizko / Matt Moroder from 2008. Maybe an unreleased Glossy Edit. I’ll see if I can find my old mp3 of it.

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Does anyone know the track at around the 1 hour 50 mark?

Wife’s mate is looking for an old UK Garage track with “green eyed monster” in the lyrics. Ringing any bells? Not my forte but i’m sure some of you here danced around your handbags to it?
can anyone id this one?

Does someone know this version of Donna Summer - I feel love. Such a trippy edit!

To minute 1:23

I don’t, but quite like this one.


Found it myself… :sweat_smile:


Does anybody know the Soul/RNB track in this clip?



I’ve been looking for the ID of the track from minute 4:33 of this great mix since ages, anyone can help?

Listen to Bordello Radio #34 - Mr. Fantasy by Bordello A Parigi on #SoundCloud


incredible, finally, thanks so much Dijon <3

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i guess someone here can help me with this one:


Sorry can’t help. It’s a lovely tune though. I’ll join the queue to find out!

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And me.

Sounds almost like something on Looking Good at 33…

… I asked about Terrance T - Power in a post earlier this year…