Track ID’s - Name That Tune

Trying to recall who did a re-edit of Jimmy Bo Horne - ‘Is It In’ from the 90s-early 00s that looped the bassline and added some whooshy synth lines in the break. Anyone? Might have been Idjut-adjacent? It’s been in my head but brain’s not coming up with it.

That sounds like it could it be Mystic Slot - “Disco Adventure”


Also, could this forum benefit from a dedicated Track IDs sub-section?


@jordan That’s it! I knew it was an obvious one but I was drawing a blank. Thanks!


I just renamed this thread. Hopefully they can go in here.


Alright, the floodgates have been opened!

Does anyone recognize the gentle house tune at 34 minutes?


"Fraid not but Jeno is the don.


Anyone know the name of the tune with the vocal sample in it ‘Latin House’. At approx 55:43 on the upload that’s on Mixcloud which for some reason I couldn’t link. TP link below though

Bad boy orchestra, not sure title but will try and find.

I think it is as I’ve got a tape from John Peel and that is beside it but I may have written down wrong, I think it’d off their lp from 89.

Never knew BBO was Minutemen as well.

Apologies if getting mixed up x

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Some tracks i’m after, but coudn’t identify yet…

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Now you say it I can hear it actually

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I’ve been trying to hunt down a boogie style tune that starts exactly 1 min into this Henry Wu Rinse show.

He says “…sounds of the Mndsgn”, but I think he’s referring to the track before it. Any ideas?

I’ve been holding back on asking this, thinking I’d find it by now, but it’s driving me nuts so I caved and decided to ask: anyone know the ID for the excellent track that comes on at 26:40 on this fantastic mix from this fantastic series? It’s the one which has the chorus going “Love Japanese way, a little bit different than the USA”.

This song is haunting my dreams, I must know what it is.

last track on here? vocal and gentle breakbeat number

edit. got it


He only released a few copies on vinyl, a friend of mine managed to score one. It’s a great track.

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yeah it’s mega

Any i.d.'s on the tunes at 29.26 and 33.21 from this mix? :pray:

OK - brain failing me again. Trying to remember the name of a early 90s tribal-ish record that has the vocal ‘let the spirit…ride’ and some chant-like vocals. It’s an obvious one but I’m drawing a blank. Peak time business.

Hi there!
I’m searching for a kind of Chicago / Acid House tune that samples the vocal line “Do you want me, do you need me?” and hope to get lucky here.

There are several releases using this sample. Just to name a few:

  • Skeletor (Masters of the Universe) ‎– Do You Want Me / Easy Street Records / 1989
  • T.N.G. – Do You Want Me / Labrynth Productions / 1992
  • Renee Washington – Is It Me (That You Want) / New York Underground Records / 1988

But I’m searching for a specific track which I heard in this DJ-Set by Andras around Min. 39:

This one’s vocal reduced, rather minimalistic than the ones above. Possibly listed as a “Dub” mix or something like that.

Any ideas?

I think it’s 89 Warehouse, off this. My carts are knackered so I can’t play to confirm, but I’m sure I bought this double LP for just that one track a while back

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