Track ID’s - Name That Tune

Does anybody know this deep track starting 32:15, sampling Sister Sledge’s Lost in Music ?.. btw overall a great Trushmix contribution from Jonny Rock!

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Once again no idea but let me know if/when you find out!

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Does anyone know the song in the video on slide four?

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I’ve posted this before. Apologies.

Anyone know what the track is exactly 1 min in?

Test pressing community I need your help.

Recent mix that alex kassian done for lov int Alex Kassian — Test Pressing

the last song on it, this chuggy edit of planet caravan, it is driving me nuts. Anybody have any idea where to find it? It is super sweet.

thanks in advance

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Is that the Dj steef edit?

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Thought that too but don’t think so…

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i think it is that edit actually lol. Thanks so much tim and gavin


think he’s maybe just sped it up

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that’s what i was thinking because it sounds like that edit, but just a little off the pace…

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Just sounded too ‘saturated’ to my ears, and more echo on some of the vocals, who knows, maybe just a nice valve mixer giving it some warmth. :man_shrugging: :joy:

yeh just somehow sounds nicer in alex kassian mix

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Apparently that was Budino who played it straight after Alex.

DJ Steef - Planet Caravan (Re-edition of Black Sabbath)


It’s the Croatia magic. Everything sounds better.


What’s the one playing around the 12-13 minute mark in this one?

What is this? Sorta cheesy, but fun

No idea, but I see that @Piers suggested it sounded like Sarah Cracknell on vocals in the YT comments a couple of years ago, so maybe he knows more?

I was close…


Sages of the TP forum, I am in need of someone to help me track down one of the tracks played in Budino’s Love International set:

The track is from 30 minutes in - kind of like a chuggy Nina Hagen - even my 3-year-old daughter has asked me for a Track ID on this one? Any idea on what it is? To be honest, every song on this mix would be highly sought after but this one is definitely causing me sleepless nights.

Thanks in advance,

Don’t know what the original is, but it’s this edit: