Track ID’s - Name That Tune

Might anyone here know this one?

Does anyone know what remix this of Ten City’s Satisfaction?

John Jammin Collins played it on his Soul Of Detroit Show on Worldwide FM 13/01/21

About 20mins 30sec in.
Heard it out once in the SubClub once as well.

Please Help! :pray:

Uploaded an edit to Soundcloud here:

33min > monster tune (?)

Paramida from a few months back

Listen to LOTR X Refuge Worldwide 007 | August 21 2021 by LOVE ON THE ROCKS on #SoundCloud

Looking for any id’s of the Phil Mison TP mix. Been on repeat

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It´s not it, but it seems to be inspired by it

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Here’s a few,

Ze Roberto - Lotus 72
Lio - Sage Comme une Image
Aguaviva - Cantare
Marion - Syy Täysikuun
Dionne Warwick - Walk On By


Thanks dude.
Worst of it is…I even have that record lol

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Much appreciated. The only one I knew was the last track.

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Does anyone know that one edit of Running from home by Bert Jansch?

Is it this?:


I’m not sure actually. I love that, I seem to remember a bass line though.

On Bill Brewsters Instagram story from Saturday night, him dancing in the booth. Any clue what the tune is? ‘Groovin dancin movin’ goes the vocal.

The lovely man himself replied, It was Mone - Movin Fire Island mix.


What is that song at 44 minutes? It’s wild

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(00)? (05)? (07)Dolos-Night So Right (Club Mix) (12)Evelyn Champagne King-Out Of Control (12`Remixed) (18)Vivian Lee-Music Is So Wonderful (Bottom Line Original Dub Mix) (24)? (27)Hanson&Davis-Tonight (Love Will Make It Right) (35)? (38)Dhar Braxton-Jump bACK (Set Me Free Jump Bacl Rap Version) (40)Mind Over Matter-Aah-Ha (Club Vocal) (46)? (49)? (54)? (57)Maydie Myles-Keep On Luvin (Kingsley´s Deep Punch Mix) (60)Acebeat Music-The Strength (66)?

Nicked from the comments, none of these?

Yeah, it is not on there, annoyingly.

Also (00)? is Vesta Williams ‎– Don’t Blow A Good Thing (Percapella)

Hi People,
does anyone know this Disco / House groover?
Lyrics go like: “You got the music, you got the talent, now I think I know you got the power”

Anyone know the original of this? I’m sure I have it somewhere.

It’s got a Brothers Johnson / Quincy Jones / Herbie Hancock vibe, but it’s got me stumped.

Indeed Herbie Hancock it is… written by the late great Rod Temperton:


You beauty. Thank you!

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