Track ID’s - Name That Tune

2 house go techno is so good hehe. Tony Humphries mixes are a lot of fun. Not sure I’ve ever heard someone play it out : )


I remember Emma buying it and playing it when we were students!


I’ve heard Hump and Todd Terry play it


Both of them had mixes on the US 12” - dub mix was Hump - heard it at the hacienda loads, probably Graeme Park.

2 Likes Cheese levels through the roof… dire.

I’ve listened to ALL the mixes and it was this one

probably at Splendid in Leicester


Not sure if someone already got this

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So… I have a reverse “name that tune” request… I’ve just been able to ID a track after 20+ years (I know - feels good!).
Sadly Discogs is telling me it’s only on an LP not a single and is £££ (+ postage ££).

So I cheekily wondered if anyone here has the LP and would be up for a private sale? :slight_smile:

Here’s the track:

Incredible vibes and the music I used to go out dancing to when I was in Tokyo in late 90s/early 00s at a club called Blue (not Yellow :wink: ) hosted by the guys from UFO who played music across the board, like a Monday at Bar Rhumba. Their warm up/regular DJ was Yama, who became a friend and made me a mix of tribal music mixed in key which was the first time I’d ever knew key mixing was even possible.

I have the CD somewhere and have other IDs I’d like off it and will find a way to upload it…
Anyway, thought I’d throw this out there just in case someone has the LP gathering dust!

Big with Timm or Laurie upstairs at Venus