Track ID’s - Name That Tune

Hi is anyone able to help with the track on this mix at about the 10 minute mark ? Piano thing.

Have asked CE directly but he can’t remember. He thinks it’s a release off of Music For dreams.

Thanks for looking

Tune at the 1h mark, anyone? I’m pretty sure I used to know, but forgot what it is…

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It’s this :slight_smile:


hey, I’m trying to remember a track, I think it’s from some private press where they only recorded one or two records, I associate it with Jamie tiller and music from memory, it’s a live recording of a small concert in New York, think the cover is black and white, guy wearing a hat and has a moustache? does that ring any bells?

Not a live recording in NY but the picture fits the bill. Maybe?

thanks, it’s not that but will have a listen,

I found I though, it was this –


Looking for the version of this track trinkets & things by ryo kawasaki that jose padilla used to play. No vocals. Any ideas?

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Cosmic Village?

…or did you mean the actual Ryo Kawasaki tune with no vocals?


Awesome, got it! Thanks man :saluting_face:

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Hive mind. I’ve had a record from the early 90s stuck in my head and I can’t remember what it is. This is a bit vague but it’s a big peak tribally one with organs and a male vocal that shouts “let the spirit” and the response is a chorus that says “rise”. Possibly also a guy shouting “echo” and various other words. Possibly Italian? I was thinking Kwanzaa Posse but it isn’t one of theirs.

This should be an easy one. Couldn’t Shazam it fast enough.

Acid jazz period, loping, melancholy, chuggy, mid tempo thing with the lyrics “stay right here? Don’t go away!”

Sounds very much like Carleen Anderson.