Top10s - Anything goes

Billie Jean Swemix always reminds me of Dean Thatcher Flying 91, he seemed to always play it

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That was the 80s Swedish DJ Dag Volle (aka Denniz Pop), I believe. Who, I just found out, sadly died young.

From the new Faith, Ibiza special


Most of these are from our yellow publication that Dr Rob put together.


Gilles Peterson Top 10


Not exactly a top ten, but a list of dos and donts.



Gutted. Always pair my jockstrap with a Lacoste polo.


I would love to know what disco drag is and why it’s next to rugby shirts

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Maybe not in the true spirit of this thread but here (anything) goes.

  1. Parris - Skater’s World - Trilogy Tapes
  • Just discovered Parris, and this and the EP with Harrajuku Girls are excellent. What I would imagine would blow the roof off on a Friday at Fabric but also feature in an adventurous bit of late night disco/house/balerica/whatever sets by the strong.
  1. Sun Ra - Door Of The Cosmos - Armonica remix - MoBlack
  • It it absolutely necessary? Probably not. Would it be a mind twister at 2am with the lazers set to stun? Undoubtedly.
  1. Dez/Andres - Danceteria - Papaya
  • You all know the sample is coming and that it is going to hit just right. This seems like Big Dez’s tribute to New York and its a lovely cheeky 7" to play and is clearly aimed at a very specific dancefloor that probably has long since shuttered. Gives you all the feels.
  1. Kassav - Love and a Ka Dance - Heavenly Sweetness
  • I love records that have a bit of drama to this, and this one announces its arrival and then goes into an almighty groove with those Zouk shouty vocals that somehow sound like pure ambrosia in a dark room. The sort of thing Antal and Hunee would be championing or they’ve probably moved onto newer and more leftfield sounds.
  1. Maldwyn Pope - Altered State - Money Moon
  • Human Head is quite the record store and this was playing over the soundsystem and I had to have it. Blew my budget to shit but its been living on my turntable ever since. One of those records that sounds like you’ve known it your whole life and not just for a few weeks.
  1. After 7 - Can’t Stop - Virgin
  • This arrived yesterday and didn’t cost much thankfully. Stuck it on and even the wife likes it so it may just be able to be played upstairs instead of in the rave cave which is always a bonus.
  1. Tropical Moon - Love Is A Mystery - Big Beat
  • Another one I had never heard before this week. I was going down a YouTube Robert Owens/Larry Heard/Fingers Inc. rabbithole and this was a suggestion so I went for it and it’s not a million miles away from something the boys would have come up with. Lots of minor chords, a looped vocal and pretty simple drum programming that just builds subtly to nowhere really, but it’s a decent journey. Might annoy me soon, but I’m liking it for the time being.
  1. Gayle Adams - Let’s Go All The Way - Prelude
  • Hidden as an A4 but something that may just be the perfect gilded age disco record. perfect intro, great vocals and those handclaps that always bring out the smiles. What I would have done to own this record 15 years ago when I was playing out regularly.
  1. Axel Boman - Chestnut Heartsprite - Mule Musiq
  • I love that this record just takes its time without ever being dull. The sort of tune that could really be a moment. Great progression, amazing use of a sample and something that all gets played on loop here. Fantastic tune from a producer I have only recently starting diving into.
  1. Ubaruh - Pinche Funky Disco - Multi Culti
  • Very punk disco flavors here that aren’t necessarily playing by the rules. One of those of “what is that?” records and something I am sure would’ve sounded brilliant early in Tisno under Apiento’s expert guidance.

Obvs went straight to that Gayle Adams record. Amazing. Disco never stops giving.


Another stellar list with plenty to get my teeth into and right up my strasse ,from the don of the 10. Keep em comin.

I had heard of “your love is a life saver” in passing but didn’t know about the album. Picked up blind for next to nothing and when the needle hit that intro you can imagine how happy I was. Did some digging and apparently she was a comedian and a race car driver as you do, I suppose.

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Another Kassav tune that sounds super amazing loud…


Always liked hearing Gordon Kaye… I have a flyer somewhere from pacha when he played for Jose’s Moondance night

Jon was still called Jonathan and Sa Trinxa was called Sa Trincha


Norman Jay
June 1990

Top 10 Norman Jay June 1990


Must dig out that Danny Madden, used to love it bitd, wonder if it holds up still?


God this is good. Cheap as well.

James Lavelle Top 12
The Face, 1994


Some more that have caught my attention in recent weeks.

  1. Danger Mouse & Black Thought feat. Michael Kiwanuka - Aquamarine
  • Probably the standout for me on Cheat Codes and ironically the one that my 9 year old doesn’t like, so that’s him off the matching kaftans in the Adriatic trip for now. Typical Danger Mouse stuff that he does so well. Rest of the album is worth a mooch as well.
  1. Jaya - If You Leave Me Now
  • one of those records that Palms Trax seems to be making a living out of unearthing, and thankfully its a cheap piece of 80’s soul that just happens to be able to mix into the czech panel beaters for a bit of a softer touch.
  1. Tlale Makhene - Emabhunswini
  • First track on Antal’s compilation and its pure magic. It’s a very South African late night jazz record, especially from the Cape, and its a beauty. Something that has equal parts love and just enough drama to captivate you. The damage this would do at the end of the night…
  1. Pepe Bradock - 5500
  • from 1998 or so, this is Pepe at his stompy best. No subtleties, just a raw groove that I am very thankfully popped its head out of the shelves the other day. Sounds more relevant today than it did in 1998.
  1. Satoshi Tomiie & Arnold Jarvis - And I Loved You - Red Zone Vocal Remix
  • A perfect record if ever there was one. I have been absolutely destroying this the last couple of weeks, and honestly what else is there to say about it? Its cheap as well.
  1. Rainbow Brown - Till You Surrender
  • Patrick Adams magic that has a massive sample you will all know, and a wonderful vocal chorus that will get all of the hands in the air. Disco magic.
  1. Hidemi Ishikawa - Love Comes Quickly
  • City Pop version of the Pet Shop Boys classic (?) that is an absolute “what is that?” record that should probably be bigger than it is. Wonderful electronic soul.
  1. Rhythm of Paradise - Signals - Adriatic Garden’s Mix
  • Lush pads, and a wonderful groove that borders on balearic but could just as well go down in the heart of Chicago. One for the early morning strong.
  1. Salty Miller - Music Makes Me High
  • Its very short, but it gets the job done. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t instantly fall in love with this piece of magic. Rare but you can definitely find it digitally as we are all seemingly kicking the black crack.
  1. Sweat - Feel It
  • Early South African house vibes, and has late night one fucked strobe and a dark room vibe that will get the serotonin levels going off the chart. Just brilliant.

Some belters in there. That Salty Miller track :fire: