The Picture House – A Cinema Thread

My parents went last night and loved it. Jenny Lee was some woman too.

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I saw Civil War last night. I’m not sure I liked it.

There are some good scenes, its inense and immersive and the gun battles are incredibly visceral and realistic. The music choices are interesting and its needle drops are tonally wild and disorienting. Deliberate I’m sure.

However I found it emotionally cold, and without heart and ultimately I’m not sure I cared. Also its internal logic doesn’t make sense. If there’s no Internet and phones don’t work, who are the photographs for? Its final act is thrilling but the very last scenes are just silly


Highly recommend this for London folks:

5th May at The Rio in Dalston.

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From what’s happening on American campuses now (did i really read that the Texan governor wanted to send in the national guard???), the Supreme Court’s likely judgements regarding Trump and the likelihood of all hell breaking loose pre and post this year’s Presidential Election, i would say that the film Civil War is could be all to real.

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Went to see Challengers the new one by Luca Guadagnino… Fun film, the three main characters are spot on, Zendaya looks great and the music really worked… Recommended for a fun night out.


Yes! Went to see this on Saturday afternoon, really enjoyed it. Good fun in a devilish way and thought the story was told well. Seconded!

Not normally a Garland fan but I thought Civil War as excellent - a real ride.

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i swear 30% of the USA wants to participate in a civil war and another 30% wants it to happen just so they can watch. the rest of us are just trying to get through a fucking day without hassle.

we have what i call a “red button” problem. if you label a big red button with instructions that say “do not press under any circumstances” an astonishingly high number of people will press it, no questions asked and not a second thought given.


Push the button Dougal - GIF - Imgur


Saw this at London Film Festival last year. A fun watch. In cinemas May 24th then on Netflix.


Yeh we saw this last night. Sexy, fun and a bit trashy. Great soundtrack.

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the same social group currently flooding social media with rumours about the London Mayoral election. Absolutely terrifying.

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Nailed it. What’s the source Chris?

The book that @J_C recommended. A must read. So well-written and prescient, even though it was published about 7 years ago.


Oh fab. Will add this to the list. “Right up my cup of tea” as my wife once said :rofl:


It’s my current ‘commuting book’.

Best non-fiction thing I’ve read in eons.


Fraught with release issues, but looks like it’s finally coming.


Not your typical trailer


Went to see Civil War this morning, didn’t feel that dissimilar to The Last of Us tbh. Last 20 mins felt like a bit of a bolt on to give it an ending but I thought it was pretty good overall.

Saw The Fall Guy on Friday which I really enjoyed, sort of reminded me of the films I watched as kid, Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt are both easy to watch

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