The Picture House – A Cinema Thread

Agree with that, Zone Of Interest is a masterpiece.
Saw it at our local Picturehouse, the first time in years that i’ve been aware of people not munching on snacks throughout the film and just concentrating on the screen.


Total silence, intense


Poor things last night and must admit I didn’t really enjoy it, found it pretty uncomfortable and some of the weird cinematography seemed to be just for weird sake.

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Watching ‘Next Goal Wins’ with the ‘lids. Pretty average but Michael Fassbender….Very decent actor but been in some bang average films!

Already looking forward to Lanthimos’ next film.

Not sure I know what’s going on, but know I want to see it!

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PLEASE be more Lobster-esque freakiness.

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Just went to see Greatest Hits. Harvey cameo and mentions of Bears In Space (LA crew). Oh and Elkin and Nelson album in loads of shots…


He was in mission impossible- fallout as well in 2018

That was the weirdest thing IMO. He was playing some shitty EDM song in a huge party, but clearly having a lot of fun being a big DJ in a Tom Cruise movie.

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He played Death in Vegas - Consequences of Love. Wouldn’t call it shitty EDM. From what I heard, Richard got a good payout for the use of the track in the movie.

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I didn’t know that’s what it was. Perhaps I should’ve been kinder and said he looked out of place but having fun.


Back to Black. Not rubbish but very, very flawed.

Saw it tonight too. Agreed. Not gritty enough for me and wanted more about the making of the music. The people I went with loved it though.

Yes the music was quite a long way down the list. Funnily enough the music highlight was the shangri-las on the jukebox

Saw Civil War yesterday. It was much better than I had expected it to be. Stretches credulity somewhat towards the end, but really, really tense and exciting. Great use of music too.


Went to a screening of Cameraperson by Kirsten Johnson, an American documentary filmmaker and cinematographer. There was a q and a with her after and she said her brother had said one of the character in (following Piersys post) Civil War could be based on her.


Yeah I really enjoyed it too. The storytelling did miss a few beats towards the end but overall such a visceral experience - glad I made a cinema trip for it. Watched in IMAX and was well worth it - really immersive. I also enjoyed it as a war movie that offered a different perspective.

As you say the use of music was extremely well done - and the gunfire in it also reminded me of watching Heat for the first time - really intense audio experience.


Nailed it. Exactly what I thought.

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Also just watched Roadhouse, wow…Conor McGregor is just as bad as people have commented here…