The Picture House – A Cinema Thread

A thread for new films you’ve been to see in the cinema…

Just went to see the new Joaquin Phoenix film ‘Beau Is Afraid’. I thought it was good for a bit then it went off the rails heh. Interested to see what others thought.


My 16 year old son requested that we go see Beau Is Afraid - had to sneak him in as it’s R rated here (over 18 only) . He summed it up nicely as “a Kafkaesque Truman Show”. I thought it was overlong but had some really original ideas and scenes. I can see why people would absolutely HATE it. We both enjoyed it and we had loads to discuss afterwards. We agreed it’s not a film we would necessarily watch again, but that we were glad we experienced it. I’ll go watch anything Ari Aster does - he’s definitely one to be revered.


Agree on all the above. Definitely an experience.

Update - Sorry should have said this is a thread on films you’ve been to see in the cinema :smiley:


I’m looking forward to seeing this. Also Sisu and Return to Seoul

Being a single parent to a 4yo the only chance I get to go to the cinema is when I take her to see something, last thing we saw was the Super Mario Brothers’ Movie, which she loved and I suprisingly enjoyed as well.

Probably the new Little Mermaid movie next during half term


had something in my eye at Guardians of the Galaxy 3

I am Groot!


Same here, impressed myself by not falling asleep. It basically could have been a lot worse which really counts for a great deal with kids flicks.


I was impressed that my daughter was engaged by the film enough to only need the toilet once, it’s usually 3 or 4 times.
When I took her to see Lyle, Lyle Crocodile at the Printworks I could easily have fallen asleep, those lazy boy seats they got there are so comfortable :sleeping:


I was interested but my mate told me it’s three hours long.
When was the last time you saw a film and thought ‘yeah, but I wish it had been 40 mins longer’?


I think I slept through about 3/4 of the Mario film!

I liked it, but small things amuse small minds!

Good idea for a thread :wink:

Love the cinema for a proper film experience (last one before lockdown was “Uncut Gems” - just brilliant).

Nearly three hours of Ari Aster is quite an ask so we skipped “Beau”. As a fan of the OG Wicker Man, Midsommar was visually stunning but mid and unsurprising. Very little character development or anything that made you invest.

Latest one for us was Plan 75 - a friend had a hand in producing so we went to the opening locally. Not an easy watch but rather thought-provoking.


Sorry for the lowbrow contribution but also went to see Guardians of the Galaxy last night. Had a blast. Absolutely not for kids though.

Good thread by the way. You cant beat a great film at the pictures. I’m trying to think of recent films that have given me a visceral, almost physical experience. Dunkirk was one, Blade Runner 2049 another. Dune. The sound mix on those three was really something else. Top Gun Maverick to a lesser degree as well. Anything by Christopher Nolan is a must watch at the cinema. Speaking of which Oppenheimer is due out soon which looks epic. Actually there is about to be a glut of stuff released which all looks great. Long live the cinema!


Never been a fan of 3D but Gravity in 3D was incredible.
Also points for Enter the Spiderverse.

Looking forward to this. 3 and a half hours long though. Wonder if they’ll have an interval to grab a tub of ice-cream


Films are definitely getting longer. Not sure its justified. Seems like a case of over indulgence on part of the Directors

The missus and I just watched Babylon. Took us 4 nights to finish it!


I’m looking forward to Oppenheimer.

i’m just hoping oppenheimer is four hours of this:

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hoping they reopen Cinerama in time for a glorious 70mm print of Oppenheimer :sunglasses:

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Across the Spider Verse with two of my boys (sons). Looking forward to a couple of hours in a cool dark room but the air con was broken.