South West Crew- Where are you?

Welcome back @KeirDS ! Yeh not a lot going on in Exeter - @Spider puts on the only nights worth going to in Exeter other than the odd event at the phoenix arts centre. Few more things happening in south Devon and Plymouth


Welcome back… as Henry says, I’m in Exeter. Give me a shout on here or the socials (Insta Spiderwaxthevan Faceache Michael Hooper (spider) ) I’m doing disco type stuff monthly, bit more balearic in the summer. There are loads of little festivals about too.


Thanks guys, I’ll keep an eye out and make the effort to pop along at some point. Not on much in the way of social media so will check on here…


It’s happening!


Wish you every success with this. Sounds great.

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All the best with this. Would love to attend one in summer. Obv your call but I personally wdn’t make all the details public view. Anyone could be lurking on here and could get out of hand


Back to the brewery! Should be good one - Jack is part of the Ocean Moon Group with Jon Tye

Farm party was fun- busy during the day with our parent friends who were very appreciative of having a place to go with the kids where the music and food is good! Was nice to get the speakers out of hibernation- and see if our solar system could handle 4 speakers for 8 hours of music in February- which it did!
People keen for another one which is the main thing - bring on the summer!


This should be super fun- from what I’ve seen and heard this gets pretty busy! Annual summer party at the lord high admiral in Plymouth with Valley People (Jon tye seahawks/ ocean moon & Graham) 4-7pm and me 7-9pm and local party starter Jack finishing it off

I’ve pretty much just been doing Sunday afternoon sets since having kids so really looking to upping the tempo for this!!


Anyone here going to tropical pressure festival down in Cornwall? If so I’m playing the “secret” amphitheater 10-2am on Friday night- Balearic business all night