South West Crew- Where are you?

Alright there me lovers!

Okay, so Ive seen a couple Devon beys in here already (Spider/Jack), but if your from Cornwall/Devon/Somerset/Dorset dare I say it Bristol- say Hello- As we know us country folk have to work alittle bit harder to meet other like minded folk- no night buses round yere. Be good to know whos out there hiding out in the south west and hopefully we can get together when were allowed out.
I was doing a few parties on the North Cornish coast, around Bude under the name Better Days with a couple friends and also a monthly gig at a bar in Barnstaple before covid struck.
We were doing Sunday daytime sessions at our friends trendy/ hippie bohemian campsite over looking the Cornish coast. We had Jon Tye (Seahawks/Ocean moon) come down and dj which was brilliant.

Where my cider drinkers at??


If you stretch to Gloucestershire I’m here for you bud!

Hey Henry!
Born in Kent, but raised and currently still residing in West Wilts, good to hear you!

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nothing north of Bristol bud lol Gloucestershire is south midlands surely? But im into it

Bristol Henry? No northerners! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Texas Pete! Where abouts in wilts? What’s occurring there?

They scrape in just cos of the accents

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I am originally from Bideford, but been in the North for over 20 years. It was all about Club Kaos in Barnstaple & the Warehouse in Plymouth when I was a lad. Free Parties all over and many a crazy night at The Burston Inn (Bow).

Gotta put a shout south west is best.
Poole and Bournemouth is my Manor. Like the trips to the big smoke still have friends there.
Music wise there are few djs I know from the better edge of things. Our boy dj Miche is doing well now, then few others Chris Wheatley and Mickey Browne more my age and not afraid to play dirty Acid House and see me grinning :blush:
One day there will be things on to link


Had many a gnarly night out in bideford! Also we had our windows double glazed recently by a local chap who saw my decks n talked about the big nights out in Bow?? What was the score there?? Westward ho is even looking abit better now!

Which sound systems were you raving with??

The Burston was crazy - just an old boozer with a back room and great Soundsystem. Mostly local DJ’s & free party heads Rowland, Creature Craig, Lazy Shaun all from the Fun Factory Crew and Lazy House. Westward Ho had a good run in the mid 90’s - I remember David Holmes and Dave Clarke playing. Good Times. X

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Lived in Exeter in a former life… a few cavern, timepiece memories. One trip to verbier manor, all a massive haze

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Westbury…nout much going on here, in fact nothing. Nearby Frome has its moments, other than that it’s Bath, or Briz for anything decent.

Brilliant! I’m about 10 miles from Bow wish that was happening now! Where were people partying in the Ho?

Im here, reppin PL3.

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When were you in Exeter?

I am pretty sure the nights were called Big Noise - at the Kingsley Holiday Park (1995/96).

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25 years ago. Good times :+1:

ah, i was away from here summer of 95- summer 99, but for the first 3 years was back every week to dj at Timepiece on a Thursday or Saturday and in the disco room at the student night my friends were running.

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