Small Claims Court

Good point. Seems I’d be the senior person and the celebrities could be any age. No mention of the Pope in the advert, regrettably.

Some of the “must haves” include:

  • Proven experience of working with and influencing celebrities, securing high level support for charity campaigns and events.
  • A keen interest in celebrities and entertainment news, and knowledge of digital influencers.
  • Be an expert in your field and provide consultancy to your colleagues when needed around how celebrities can add value to their campaigns and projects.

Other relevant details:

  • Assist at celebrity visits/appearances and events that may fall outside of office hours, including travel and overnight stays at the Travelodge.

It’s basically a Small Claims goldmine for the successful candidate!


Looks like Bill Oddie, Sue Cook and Alan are a dead cert.


Nice one, thanks for clarifying. Good luck if you apply.


I was just going to say that’s got Alan Partridge written all over it.


My son and daughter were in DSM today having a browse, then daughter calls me up pleading to get her an ADWYSD T-shirt. I say no. Next thing, my son calls up to say that Rick Owens overheard the conversation and has bought them all an item of clothing each - apparently he was in there just paying for random strangers shopping.

Either that or they’ve progressed to highly sophisticated shoplifting…*

*it was Rick, as they took a snap with him.


Been with my partner for about two and a half years. Her dad (long since passed away) was considerably older than her mum and she has a few half sisters that she only occasionally, if ever, sees. They’re mostly in the US and Caribbean.

Last night, we were talking music and touched on old school, classic hip hop. She says, “My sister married some guy who had something to do with Run DMC but he died, Larry something or other”.


Produced maybe the greatest Hip Hop record ever in Sucker MC’s which changed the game.
I remember when he was ill and I think his family were struggling with medical bills, don’t think Russell or Rick, who went onto to be multi millionaires of course, helped the family out, bit like what’s happening now with Alfredo.
Same as it ever was.


Met Steve Davis yesterday at a record fair in bristol. He had a stall selling mainly soul and funk. Great selection and prices weren’t that bad.
He just bought this and told me to go get it.

A seller near him had a near mint copy of cafe del mar vol dos and told him to go buy it.