Recommended Playlists (Spotify, You Tube ...)

My Slow Soul playlist is coming along nicely if anyone wants a quick trawl around some of the great new artists on the Nu-Soul scene:

Likewise with the Slow Jazz selection:


Here’s our regularly updated Spiritland playlist from the Chill Out Tent’s bi-weekly Sunday afternoon residency - loads of stuff that sounds amazing on that beautiful sound system The Chill Out Tent x Spiritland - playlist by The Chill Out Tent | Spotify


One I did

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A soul funk hip hop one


One Million Sunsets Radio Show Playlist


All the DJ History/ Furtive 50s plus some other top quality BB playlists here:


Non-stop bangers.

Good bot…


Oh wow. How does it do that??

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Haven’t a clue but most of the shows archived like this on that over several profiles.

The complete list of NTS Bot profiles. Very handy!

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Going to be a soundtrack to some Christmas late nights in the coming weeks… Just back home from a mates house where we were just playing some records on one deck, passed a few hours just flicking through the vinyls :green_heart: music and wine :notes: :musical_note:
Here’s one I haven’t heard for a few years

My playlist “Morning” includes a lot of minimal keys, jazz and slow electronics - perfect to start or finish your days in calm & quiet.

There’ also a shortlist called “Erik Balearik” but I’m quite sure you won’t discover a lot of new gems in there.


Good god… how did I live without Spotify before? I’ve found it’s AMAZING for niche content. I’ve got a huge thing for world music from all eras, especially Asian music, from Chinese gong banging Opera 78’s to Korean psych to Hong Kong Disco. I blame Sublime Frequencies. What a label that was. When they stopped releasing so much I really missed my World fix.

I’ve been fully digital for over 10 years now. There’s a lot of weird shit in my huge iTunes library.

I was looking for this compilation on Spotify last night. It’s a rip of an old Telugu movie song comp from 1967. One of those old blogspot downloads that used to be everywhere years ago.

The comp wasn’t on there… but they have the full soundtrack for every film featured on the comp. Blown away!

Has anyone else any niche rabbit holes on there?