Recommended Playlists (Spotify, You Tube ...)

It would be nice to collate some of your favourite playlists here from the more well known streaming platforms :smiley:

I’ll kick it off with this beauty


Hats off to whoever put this together Luke Unabomber Worldwide - playlist by murphistos | Spotify


I’m a sucker for a massive (24hrs+) Spotify playlist you can shuffle and treat like a radio station. Here’s some of my favourites:

Balearic Morning with Athens of the North

Manfredas’ Music Cabinet

Dream Chimney part 1
(there are a few good Dream Chimney ones)

Jura Soundsystem (archived)
big shout out @JuraSoundsystem

All the songs mentioned in the Beastie Boys book


I like this one

Antal from Rush Hour records in Amsterdam.


Enjoyed this one last summer…just the tonic to lift the spirits and look ahead to brighter days…


Whole lotta Humphries :musical_note::musical_note:

A whole lot of playlists (0 - 88) from a ton of lovely people in the first lockdown…

Classical music used in Kubrick films - Spotify

Big at the Ku - a playlist by Jolyon Green - Big at the KU! The Original Balearic Beat - playlist by jolyongreen | Spotify

Aficionado classics by Jason Boardman - Spotify

Baldelli cosmic playlist by Honey K - Spotify

Test Pressing ICA playlist by me and Mison -

Mancusso at The Loft by Honey K - David Mancuso at The Loft - playlist by Adrian Hoenicke | Spotify

Four Tet’s evergrowing playlist - Spotify

Sakamoto’s playlist for a restaurant where he loved the food but hated the music - Spotify

Office Space by Efficient Space - Spotify

A tribute to Weatherall by Lyndon Pike - A Tribute to The Guv'nor - Andrew Weatherall (1963 - 2020) - playlist by Lyndon Pike | Spotify

Job job.


World Unkown

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This is one of the best playlists I’ve found for bossa, samba, MPB… tupiniquim sem palavras - playlist by azeredolaura | Spotify

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couple of my fav’s

Jolyon’s SEX jukebox - to accompany the very fine comp Malcolm McLaren's SEX juke box...and more - playlist by jolyongreen | Spotify

Luke Howard - slow Jams Spotify and brazilian brilliance Spotify

Saint Etienne - top 100 Spotify

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one of the things that amazes me about the streaming era is that for £10 a month or so you can have literally 95% of all music available at your fingertips via Spotify and the rest is on YouTube. If you had told me that in the 90s I’d be able to listen to anything via a little black box I carried everywhere with me I would have thought I would have been earning Bill Gates money to afford that luxury.

Anyway here’s a really good one from the band Real Lies:

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Frotee Balearic Sunday : Frotee Balearic Sunday - playlist by luurekirp | Spotify

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My own playlist from a lockdown radio show i did - Spotify

And Ruf Dugs unreal NTS playlist


Here is one I have been putting together for few years…


This is so good, thanks for sharing

This is a thousand track playlist of Daft Punk’s influences I did a few years back.

And here’s some of favourite tracks on the ECM label:


The Chill Out Tent have a quality archive of 30+ playlists from guests at our events, ambient, balearic, disco…

Multi Culti (record label) has a bunch of great playlists, I like their ambient “sleep” mix:

During lockdown I was also compiling all of TP’s Stay in & Chill playlists into one master playlist: