Podcasts - making each walk more enjoyable

New Jon Ronson series on COVID era culture wars


Been loving Hard Fork for a while now… Its he New York Times tech podcast and a good one to follow tech stories in a vey understandable non doom like way… Available on all platforms.

Really funny take on audiophile dudes

the EncroChat bust

Good chat with DJ Paulette about DJing sober

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I’m just finishing that. Made me laugh that even Gangsters love a selfie. Idiots.

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Fascinating stuff. A few things didn’t make sense though Eg the idea it could be a elaborate sting. Then why would the French have to crack the code?

Its really good, just finished it

Fabio on the DJH poddie


Im a big True Crime fan so been binging Red Handed.
The 2 part Halloween ones & 2 part Fred & Wose ones were jesus f’ing christ

There are some evil people out there

& one about a bloke who became a vampire but warmed up by having raw rabbit smoothies

She was really good at rock n roll book club

Seinfeld with Tim Ferris is awesome. Packed with practical advice for creators. On the same topic Rick Rubin at Tim Ferris Show is also worth the time for any creator.

Also, John Meyer at Rick Rubin was another worthy experience.

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Has anyone tried to switch to YT Music as Google is closing
Loads of stuff not there

Um … please elaborate ?
Not sure what you mean switch from what ?

Sorry , my question was a bit cryptic

Google Podcasts is closing to be replaced by YouTube Music for Podcasts

I cant work out how to migrate subscriptions after reading instructions - It doesnt work
If you search for (popular) Podcasts in YT Music they dont come up

The only way to find is to paste the RSS feed into YT Music which then finds them

New Serial on Guantanamo Bay is good

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oh I see … yeah i’ve not used Google podcasts…
I use Youtube music a bit but find it quite annoying (constantly suggesting ‘playlists’ with names like ‘relaxing’ etc… just bollocks for people who don’t really like music basically)

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The latest episode of The Rest Is History is on Disco


*one features Barry Mooncult (just saw the epic BTWS remix of Weekender is out next week)

My new favourite podcast is one hosted by Australian comedians Luke Heggie and Nick Cody. Each episode looks at a particular mid air mele or fracas if you will, that has occurred in the sky, usually involving somebody under the influence of alcohol or hyped up on good old self importance. Funny stuff.