Podcasts - making each walk more enjoyable

Atletico Mince for me. Around Chirstmas time last year I went back and started them from the beginning after missing a year or so worth. Nearly caught up now. I don’t have a clue about the footballers they talk about but it’s still hillarious. I dare not look any of them up for fear of ruining it. The first 10 or so episodes were a bit dry but they soon got into character, story amd segment development.

Mortimer is the worlds funniest man, end of :wink:


Some faves, as well as some great new ones to me on this thread - thanks.

Current ones I like:

  • Scuba: Not A Diving Podcast:
    Dance music focussed - He’s had on DJs, producers, promoters, venue owners and distributors.
    I really liked the episodes with Appleblim, Elijah, DVS1, Falty DL and Dave Q (Dub War/New York)

- Bandsplain: (Spotify only I think)
US show, and more ‘rock’ focussed. Delving into one diff. band each episode. Host plus a different fan/guest - entertaining and not too serious / earnest / trainspotter-y.

Not all bands to my taste, but loved the 4.5 hr (!) one on The Doors, with writer Jeff Weiss.
Plus great episodes on Cocteau Twins, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Teenage Fanclub, The Clash, Big Star. Even enjoyed the U2 one : ).

- Love Is The Message
Tim Lawrence & Jeremy Gilbert - quite academic - but really interesting. Putting David Mancuso, The Loft and its influence and legacy in a socio-political and historical context, and then spinning out across the years, and countries. Great on 70’s New York, the various DJs - other clubs (Sanctuary, 12th Floor etc), dub, samba, LSD, post-Fordism, etc. etc.
Been going for a few series now… well worth checking out. :v:


Need get back into that. 100% northern / British surrealism at its finest. If you know what some of the footballers look and sound like, especially Peter Beardsley and Steve Mclaren its a whole lot funnier. Agree re Bob Mortimer he must be protected at all costs. Train guy is absolute gold

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100%… Love Geordie Heat and the bloke from Homes Under the Hammer amongst others.

I get odd looks listening in public as I end up laughing to myself.


Gonna have to have a look now.

Everytime, without fail.

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Andy Dawson, once the surface was scratched, revealed himself to be a tosser. Dressed it up as football bantz but his anti scouse always the victim bullshit tropes were plain embarrassing and I was disappointed that Mortimer (publically at least) didn’t address it.

Love Is The Message is great! like dipping into the archive. Not run across anything else like it. Try and avoid stuff with accedemics normally. :zzz: but most enjoyable.


Love is the Message - if they’d both stop saying ‘you know’ every other sentence I may be able to listen…

true… :joy:

I really wanted to like it & love Tims books but couldn’t get on with it

Lindsay from Haggle Records would have had them out on their ear after the first few times of saying this.

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I enjoyed the Blue Monday one from this
Lots I wont listen to but a few that I think should be good

Similair but different - The Rocks Back Pages one have some great interviews but the constant matey laughing is a bit much

Bill & Franks Last Night with Fabio interview is a perfect example but a great Elvis / Jimmy Saville stetson anecdote

This one was good


This is worth a listen

Love Sedaris, just finished reading Calypso recently, it’s great. Where did you listen to the podcast? doesn’t seem to be available in my usual spots

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It was his ‘Meet David Sedaris’ show on the Beeb.
Sorry, not specifically a podcast.

I’ve got rips of Series 1-9 if you’re interested. I could dropbox them over if you like.

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Reading Theft by Finding at the moment. Really interesting reading his diaries pre fame and as he started to get published.


Need to read Theft By Finding. Just saw that it covers the period 1977 to the 2000s, so I see how you could follow his style development over that time.

Some of his diary entries are laugh out loud funny:

Wife to husband : “I’ve read in Vegas the women get paid $100 to have sex with men. I’m thinking of moving there.”

Husband “I’ll come too. I want to see how you get by on $200 a year.”


Scathing reviews of children’s nativity plays by actual newspapers:

“Six year old Shannon Matthews’ portrayal of Mary was admirable, but ultimately she had a hard time convincing the audience she was a virgin”


It’s great, good lowlife stuff. Covers when he was living in terrible apartments in the worst parts of town, eating at the IHOP every night, picking up odd jobs and doing loads of drugs. Very different to his lifestyle now but proves he’s lived. (edit: I just realised you know all this because you’re reading it)

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