Podcasts - making each walk more enjoyable

I like the style and and spectrum of interviewees on the Armchair Expert. From evolutionary biologists to Tom Hanks and all points between it’s an easy enjoyable listen…

This a decent listen with Justin Robertson

The double header on the mystery/history of Jesus before Xmas on the Rest if History made for interesting listening, Sanbrook can be a bit marmite but it’s done in an entertaining and pithy way for the uninitiated.

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Agreed… I pick and choose the episodes (dodged the Aussie PMs!) but some of the World Cup country focused ones were good, plus the one the other week about the amazing man who escaped Auswitchz was absolutely mind blowing. American Civil War ones from last year were fascinating too.

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This was good. Gerd is such a Don


I might have mentioned this podcast before but the Gerd one on here is good…


Enjoying this

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Im halfway through the Tenaglia one - he seems very nice

Nick Rhodes one is great

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I really liked the whose series. I even enjoyed the ones with people I have no interest in. : )

Debunking Economics. Essential listening to know what is going on in the world. Steve Keen is one of my favourite economists and his Aussie, no bullshit attitude is always welcome. His books are essential reading too.

Quick heads up. Amazon are doing the Moondrop Chu IEM’s for £12 at the moment. Perfect for podcasts.

Nice conversation with William Orbit

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Apologies for sharing RA content but this is well worth a listen. Irvine Welsh always has something interesting to say and this is no different with withering takedowns of the elite, his take on how the pandemic affected the night-time economy and musings on art and culture


Just been listening to Bill Brewster interview Charlie Dark on the DJ History Podcast. Charlie comes across as a super cool guy - highly recommended.


Haven’t listened yet but


Loved the latest series of Meet David Sedaris. Many laugh out loud moments, and weird looks from people nearby.

Adam Buxton’s Podcasts are always a treat too. Much mirth. Loved the Charlie Brooker, Fenton Bailey. John Grant, Kathy Burke, and Tash Demetriou episodes. After a brief hiatus he’s back with Tom Hanks.

Marc Maron’s WTF podcasts follow a similar format to Buckles (open and intimate chats with interesting and erudite celebs). Great stuff.


Just finished the first 3 on here, essential listening imho. Check!

Introducing Don't Assume - a new talk podcast hosted by Zakia | NTS.

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Bill Brewster & frank B on Rocks Back Pages is good, RBP is a bit self indulgent but interesting

For True Crime fans this is good

I just DLd a couple based on this
Cant believe Serial didnt get a mention, maybe too obvs