Podcasts - making each walk more enjoyable

First post on here. Morning all. I got hooked on Podcasts when I was doing a lot of travelling with work (they can make long journeys shorter). I’ve listened to less over the last year but still dipped in an out. Here are some old faces and recent-ish discoveries:

Marc Maron - a bit of an acquired taste but he really gets interviewees to open up and he’s a music head. The Mavis Staples one was particularly memorable.

Questlove Supreme - long form interviews with a wide range of musicians / music biz interviewees.

Relevant Parties - Cargartt WIP. Nice focusses in interviews with label owners - Ninja Tune (interview with Coldcut on their history).

Heat Rocks - deep dives into an album picked by a guest. Patrice Rushen talking about Minnie Ripperton’s Come Into My Garden is a good one to start with.

Loads more but these spring to mind. :v:t3:


Loved the Questlove Supreme with Jimmy Jam (best interviewee ever?).

Heat Rocks sounds good… I’ll try that.

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Good reminder to listen to the Jimmy Jam interview. The Maya Rudolph is great. Broken Record has a 2 parter with Questlove - great DJing for Obama’s story!

@KristofferRaasted I think every episode I’ve listened to have introduced me to a least one interesting new idea. Pretty great.

What Had Happened Was… - Open Mike eagle talks to super producer Prince Paul about his illustrious career over a series of episodes - excellent!

Loose Units - Aussie podcast hosted by Paul Verhoeven talking to his Dad who was a cop in the crazy wild west of the 1980’s in Sydney. His dad was also an emergency worker, a fireman and a funeral director - the stories are told with great recall, black humour and jaw dropping scenarios.

The Sarah Silverman Podcast - if you’re a Sarah fan, you’ll love her witty, self effacing answers to listener calls and the state of comedy, politics and nore.

Australian True Crime - Dark, brutal crime tales told in a menacing Aussie monotone - brilliantly researched and produced.

Bob Saget’s Here For You - people don’t know that Bob Saget is not only a really dirty comedian at odds with his on screen characters, but that he’s an incredibly empathetic, encouraging and sweet guy who takes listener calls and doles out advice in his own inimitable style.

Grounded With Louis Theroux - It’s Louis, nuff said.

Sleep With Me - boring stories told by a boring man - the perfect insomnia remedy>

Discraceland - Tales of Hollywood and Music excess, debauchery, mayhem, murder and more.


Yes Joan & Jericha is absolutely brilliant.
The best ad-libbed comedy since Pete & Dud / Derek & Clive IMO

Alan Partridge From the Oasthouse, it’s an audio book in a podcast format. It was up on YouTube but may have been taken down, anyway well worth getting if you enjoy Alan’s particular brand of Chat.

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I quite like the Happiness Lab with Dr Laurie Santos. Worth a listen.

Also Dig the Freakonomics one, and the Savage Lovecast.

Can you define what a podcast is? is it always speech based or can it be anything?

Thanks for the tip. Listened to the first couple over weekend. Occasionally a little awkward, but v funny and well made.

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Aye! It can appear a little too edgy at times, though I’m sure it’s not intended to be so. His YouTube videos are also gr8:

I quite like his awkward - sets him apart.

Well… Talking Sopranos as someone has already mentioned, top drawer - funny and informative.

Fish Go Deep - nice house… Deep down.

The Rest is History - errrrrrrrrr history stuff but good.

BBC ones: In Our Time/Arts & Ideas/Seriously/Outlook/The Forum

Blindboy Podcast
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
Athletico Mince

Rocks Back Pages is worth a spin. Presenters are massive name droppers and have been to every seminal gig you can imagine which can get a bit tiresome but informative still

Missing Crypto Queen was pretty good

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Rootsland is a new podcast series that explores the story of two friends who take a musical and spiritual journey from the suburbs of Long Island to the streets of Kingston, Jamaica. Narrated by the man himself, Henry “K” Karyo, Rootsland tells musical stories of landscapes that span styles and genres, and transport the listeners to exotic locations. The story follows Henry, a disillusioned justice major at American University, and Brian, an aspiring singer, as they navigate the world of reggae music, from label to location.

Psychedelics Today. Really interesting interviews with people involved in all the current research.

There’s a great series of 15 minute podcasts on the BBC Sound app from fashion historian Gus Casely-Hayford about key moments in fashion - ranging from Dutch Wax Cloth to Ray Bans.


I’m currently going through Desert Island Discs. Particularly enjoyed Sophia Loren and Desmond Tutu. John Cooper Clarke was also great.