Help with Discogs selling

Can anyone provide an eejits guide with how to sort this ? I am totally confused on how to adjust my seller details, it’s probably easy but I cannot seem to work it out.

I think it’s in your shipping policies. They changed it up and if you don’t update that can happen.

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Hi @Tom_Belte The new policies are a bit of a headache, you have to have every eventuality covered or you get the unavailable thing happening. There’s another post on here where I pasted some screenshots of how I’ve set mine up. I’ll see if I can find them.

This one:

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Thanks mate, will have a butchers. Why it is so confusing I’ll never know.

Yeah it’s bobbins. Set one up for UK first as most buyers will be local.

Had an absolute mare with a seller.

Bought a record nearly 3 weeks ago (nothing expensive) and had to pester the seller consistently about it not arriving. He’s completely shirking responsibility and saying it’s never happened before. So, I end up opening a case with PayPal. Asking him for proof of postage constantly and he keeps on fobbing me off.

Then 3 days ago I get a card from the RM saying a sender hasn’t paid enough postage and I have to pay £3.50 to cover the costs before I can receive.

Turns out it’s the record and it arrives today - so I message again to tell him to credit the £7.50 I’ve now paid to receive and he hasn’t paid a penny.

Tells me it’s my problem now and I have to claim with the RM and tells me to close the case.

Sends me a receipt of postage and guess what it’s for the same day I received the RM fee request.

Laughable. Never had a item sent with no postage paid on it before - anyone?

Early hours insomnia has led me to the conclusion I’m never really going to listen/play my thousands of records again and can’t face moving them ever again, so decided to embark on a Discogs purge.

Where is the best place to source some 12’’ card envelopes in bulk?

Soundswholesale on Ebay is the cheapest I’ve found.

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Definitely don’t use those cheap flappy envelopes.

Personally I use these Quality Vinyl Record Packaging | Fast Delivery — Lil Packaging
Much more robust and self adhesive to save faffing with tape.

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Have a bunch of them from Mr Bongo, but looked on their site and was ‘quote’ only, are they expensive compared to Joe’s?

I’ve got about 20 behind the sofa you can have for starters

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They’re about double the price. I don’t use the cruciform ones, I use the brown card with the fold over sticky bit with stiffeners which I make myself due to having loads of spare cardboard through work. I’ve never had a complaint about my packing :smiley:

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I’ve never had a complaint about my packing either. Not one.

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The Lil mailers I linked to are £82 for a ‘pack’ of 125. Defendapak cruciform ones are decent too (£92 for 200) and handy for 3 or 4 12”s.
Neither are the cheapest options available.
Cheap stiffeners can be had off eBay or recycled.
I’ve had quite a few records turn up with bent corners and often badly graded in the cheaper options so I’ve become a bit snobby about them!

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Thanks everyone. :call_me_hand:

Another vote for Defendapack here. Solid little mailers.