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Anyone tried to sell through their new listing method and got an easier guide?

I reckon I could infiltrate Kim Jong-Un’s y-fronts easier.

The main issue I found was that you have to cover up to an infinite amount of records in an order, so I have set my policies as before but have then put 9 items and up as a flat rate that is way more than it should cost. I have then said that if someone places a large order I will adjust the shipping once I have worked out the price more accurately. Hopefully that makes sense.

I could also paste an image of one of my policy pages if that helps?

Joe, that would be ace if you could.

Here you go, these are my UK policies, I am in no way claiming that they are perfect but they have worked well for me since the change.

Because they have 9 items and up it will cover any size of order, I offer free UK shipping on orders over £100 anyway.



I have no requirement to sell a multitude of records, just the odd one here and there. Why do I have to give war & peace to do so?

Sledgehammer to crack a nut.

I completely agree, I’d just make the shipping for 3-4 records and up prohibitively expensive and make a note on your terms saying you’ll adjust when an order is made if needed.