Clobber - a clothes thread

I think that is too simplistic a reason for Oi Polloi going.

They themselves admit they made some bad business decisions and this was before any lockdowns. It isn’t like JD were any kind of competitor, JD wasn’t selling Beams Plus 50% less then Oi Polloi were.

So they were going under until JD gave then a lifeline. The last couple of years has effectively been JD with the Oi Polloi name stuck over it. It wasn’t an independent. The OP model of independent store or they way they chose to run it didn’t work after a period of time. Just like Eleven with a few bad decisions went awry. And Eleven really was tops 2001-2007.

I’m not an accountant but were Oi Polloi even with JD behind them making a profit, they weren’t going to run it forever if it was making a loss.

Every time you try something on in an independent and that get it online a few quid cheaper from a major you are driving another nail in the coffin of independent shops. We all do it. Bit like when people look around and wonder why hardly anything is made in UK, yes because we looked to get it cheaper elsewhere.

So best thing to do is to thank NL and SS for what they have done, and support true independent stores and those who manufacture in the UK.


Unpopular opinion.

I bought a few things in there over the years. Their customer service wasn’t up to much. I’m not saying I needed to be fawned over, but at least show some fucking interest. Perhaps I was unlucky enough to catch them on multiple bad days.

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Ah not just me then.

Kind of chronological list of stuff they stocked/worked on I thought was good from the true independent years:

Fjall Raven
Rohan Collaboration
Arrow Moccasins
Engineered Garments
Saint James
Batten Sportswear
Beams Plus
Norse Projects Overhead Smock Colloboration, still being copied today.
National Athletic Goods
Tender Shirts
Lee Jumbo Cord collaboration


Passed the shop in the NQ a million times, never went in, never appealed to me at all

Some nice stuff here from Magenta skateboards

New Red Wings have dropped

I’ll add in the Oi Polloi x Henry Lloyd smock which was ace. Stick got mine

The greatest Oi Polloi collaboration was the first two Wallabees - the nicest leather imaginable.

Kith x Adidas x Clarks collab… a thing of beauty if you ask me. There’s another two colourways but these are the pick of the bunch.


This is hilarious to me.

Was good but was it not a copy of old style? One of the best deck outs No 12 had the orange one of these. The model was really nice guy as well, whenever in shop he always gave good advice.

Nice, they are featured in Oi Polloi video from '13 on You Tube. The Engineered Garments shirt Nigel is wearing is ace, one of the few bits of clothing I have get compliments on.

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Someone on here will have scrolled through for the ‘buy now’ link for sure

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Loving my new sweats from Hawksmill. So pleased they’ve moved over to my favoured sleeve of choice, the raglan.


Can’t beat a raglan sleeve.


With a white roll-neck knit underneath?

Think it was styled on an old Henry Lloyd smock from their archives but I might be wrong

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That’s the one, I liked the roll neck under it. I bought the blue version of the smock and still wear it :smiley:

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Must be good quality then! I still have the EG jacket from No 3, will probably see me out .

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