Clobber - a clothes thread

Assuming many of you will be as obsessive about clothing as you are music.

What are you wearing? Any independent shops/manufacturers you’re fond of?

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Okay I’ll go…
Today’s ensemble, probably tomorrows too… (lockdown’itis)

Haircut: chez moi, Wahl clippers #0
Bins: Cubitts
Scarf: Kapital
Sweat: National Athletic Goods
T-Shirt: Real McCoys
Pants: Schwanen
Jeans: PBJ
Socks: Anonymous-ism
Feet: Birkies

Buy one or two bits a year these days, always in the sales, except for basics, bit of a sock fetish.
It doesn’t go unnoticed I’m a bit of a cliché :wink:


Nice. I’m on the Birk Boston and pricey socks tip too for padding about the house - can recommend Mauna Kea if you can find them in the sales.

Not worn jeans for an age, been in Orslow New Yorkers pretty much exclusively since last autumn.

Mmmm… Hawaiian socks me likey, I have the Kapital ‘Smiley’ heels which I’m saving for when lockdown is over, shall be doing the Birkie/Sock strut maybe jeans rolled up that 1’’ extra for full swag in Aldi… :wink:

Always these mate, great quality.


…and good size for Euro fat foots like me.

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Yes, I’m a size 12 so they’re perfect for me.

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Mainly wear Battenwear, Adsum and Uniqlo for lounging / working.

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Wearing a Battenwear hoody as I type - really into their stuff. Tried some Adsum bank pants a while back but didn’t get on with them.

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Never really obsessed but I do like to buy key pieces that last… The latest purchase was a Carrier Company Slop / Smock. Hand made in Devon, they do contemporary takes on traditional garms…

Eyeing up some shorts and shirts from them as we move towards summer…

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Birkenstock Bostons for the WFH win.


Also Camber USA hoodies and sweatpants - super heavyweight fleece goodness

Birkenstock Boston round the house with a well comfy sock mostly atm…
Sweatshirts from Colourful Standard, amazing quality made in Portugal
Sock obsessions; Chup, Socka Socka (another Japanese sock from This Thing of Ours - next level!!!)
Live in Nudie Lean Dean Japan dry selvage
Outdoors just now its Red Wing 875

@Spencer Have a pair of the Orslow for the Bureau climbing pants, ace things


A jacket co. I’ve followed from the start is

To begin with it was a 9am 1st come 1st served pre-order type thing but now they do a deposit scheme and then the jackets are made to order, with zero waste and a proper factory with fair pay etc. I’ve bought batch 1, 2 and 5 so far, amazing quality and customer service is different class.

I haven’t bought anything brand new in over two years - mainly because I have far too many bits in my drawers and wardrobes that never get worn - but I still like to window shop. In fact, I also run a FB group with Farley called Turn Ups & Turn Outs, which is quite popular with a certain demographic (maninly 40-60 year olds who are obsessed with Japanese clothing and Americana).

Today I’m rocking a beat up pair of Full Count 1100 - 14-03@s which are a reproduction of a 1944jean, made during the WWII hardship and rationing years and so have forsaken the usual canvas pocket bags for military style Olive HBT pocket bags, a fabric of which there would have been an abundance. With no thread to spare for extra detailing, the pocket arcuates have been painted on. The watch pocket goes un-riveted to allow precious metal supplies to be used for much needed ammunition. Only the Japanese would go into that level of authenticity with their repro’s :rofl:

Sock are Thunders Love

T-shirt is just a plain white Lady White Co

Sweatshirt is one of my own DiscoTees

Shoes/boots - today will be a Yuketen Maine Guide boots- still the comfiest brand, imho.

These days, I much rather enjoy the challenge of seeking out decent clobber in vintage/thrift shops - I mean, anyone can bowl into Clutch Cafe or Cabourn and come out looking good, but I’d much rather do that for a fraction of the price. It’s amazing what you can find if you time it right.


Wfh so mccoys hoodie and sweatpants from these guys

Hardly worn jeans this last year, always opting for some fatigue pants when I go out. Also redwings have hardly come out, prefer to wear comfy running shoes.

These look great. Was considering something like this for this past winter but ended up going for a Filson Mackinaw cruiser, which I’ve now moved on due to the itch factor.

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I have been hammering Vinted during lockdown, cheap Obey threads and Stussy clobber for half the price has been brilliant. There are some absolute bargains on there if you keep looking. I got a pair of Nike Air Max daps for 30 quid, worn twice !

Yeah, I’ve pretty much lived in vintage OG-107’s all lockdown

I should also say that pre-lockdown, I also ran a vintage stall

If anyone wants anything - drop me a line - I still have some ace down jackets (vintage Eddie Bauer, etc) that I haven’t bothered listing on eBay yet