Art for Art's sake

This guy:

It’s an edition of just 5.

He did some t-shirts too but I think they’ve all gone

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Liking the Wurly Curly scarves. :call_me_hand:

Two new hand made screen prints I’ve just bought from Sounds of the Universe.


Special mention for the brilliantly talented Mark Warrington who some of you may know as the hand behind the Claremont 56 art.

Also really rate Finn Campbell-Notman in Andalucia


Last Orders by Leigh Banks.

Saw the original of this at the RA Summer Exhibition. Contacted the artist who did a limited edition run of 200 prints.

Just had it framed and it looks amazing. Zoom in for detail.


Picked up this Baiba Auria print yesterday in Afflecks Palace, gonna put it near my records & decks with a Stanley Chow Grace Jones print i bought as well.

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It’s their holiday cabin as I recall

I’ve got a Fuji x100 too, love it. But I’m also now hankering to get back to my film cameras in '23.

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Great aren’t they… reminds me to charge it up for Christmas!

Annual vinyl art awards

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i wonder if it’s the effect of streaming service popularity, but in the last number of years it seems like bands have completely abandoned logos or title text on album covers.

i don’t dislike it, i just think it’s kind of funny that covers are mostly devoid of text now.

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RIP Gregory Blackstock


Just got this back from being framed. Response from framing guy: “mmm, I think that about sums it up”. Couldn’t agree more.

Ai Weiwei giving the finger to Westminster.


Love it!

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A few from the Gallery of Everything in Chiltern St, an exhibition of ‘outsider art’ from the US South. Hit me right in the eyeballs.


Cool ship!


I’ve got one of the T-shirts somewhere.

my autistic son drew me at the weekend… not particularly flattering but you don’t talk back to Picasso right


Aww mate that is amazing, nearly made me cry, God knows how proud you must be! Get thee to the framers forthwith!