Art for Art's sake

Nice, got a thing for Anime style cityscapes at the moment, tried in vain to start using 3D app during lockdown but my steam powered Mac couldn’t cope sadly and lockdown has killed any patience for actual paint. Great portrait!

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I have a bit of a thing for what’s sometimes called ‘outsider art’. These are by an autistic artist called Jessy Park. They’re only colour photocopies but her mum sent them to me years ago when I asked to use them for a project. Not great pictures of the pictures, sorry.


These are amazing, I’d not heard of her before and have just been doing a little reading about her work. How different people perceive and render the world fascinates me, particularly those with personalities or senses outside what is considered normal. I had a severely colour blind student studying photography with me a couple of years ago and the work he produced was amazing, particularly his colour images!


That’s great. I love how she perceives colour, and makes mundane scenes really vibrant. Also, her precision.

Here’s a few bits we have around the house:

A poster from Prague, I love the juxtaposition of communism and McDonalds.

Insert from Chill Out

Screenprint I bought at the V&A by Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, the photo doesn’t do the silver or neon any favours, looks amazing in the flesh.

Screenprint by Pure Evil that my wife bought for me a few years ago. I’m very happy with the framing on this, we were lucky to be near an amazing framer when we lived in Kilburn.

Sneaky one of my own, this was just down the road from our flat on Ealing, I passed this everyday on my way to work and kept saying to myself I had to photograph it. Eventually got round to it just before we moved out, I had to go back around 10 times before there was nothing parked in front and the light was correct.


Ace shot!


‘Wesoleezin’ my favourite, no idea what it refers to but great name, colours are on point.

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Here’s the original image, I took it on my medium format film camera.


Hass? Wanted to get back into film, bought a Nikonos V off eBay to do some water shots for Mag I was working on, happily meter didn’t work so sent it back otherwise think I’d be bankrupt by now, and that’s only 35mm. Have a little Fuji X100 for walkabout, takes nice shots. Nikon gear for commercial stuff.

@gavinjoule on Insta


These are so crisp and great to look at, nice find!

Nice, looks a bit like Trent Parke’s work.

I have an old 1950s Mamiya TLR

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Nice, props for lugging that around and investing in film and processing !

I have a black and white darkroom at work so can do all my own printing and processing, cuts down on the cost. Not that I have much time these days :woozy_face:

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Screen print from one of the V&A exhibitions on 1960s psychedelic/ counter culture. It’s from the UFO club. This photo doesn’t do it justice. Colours are really striking in real life.


That was the same exhibition I got my print from, I took a long time choosing between your one and the one I eventually did choose.


It was their holiday cabin as I remember (they’re American)

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Reminds me of the Loft comp, well The Loft comp reminds me of that, lovely, isn’t UFO the place The Floyd started out in? Seem to remember a documentary on it, hazy.

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Yes that’s the one. Acid madness all nighters, first summer of love 1967.

Turns out we didn’t invent it after all!

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Got this one about 7/8 years ago. Only just had it framed.


Nice, who did it?