Art for Art's sake

Thought might be groovy to see what Art you lovely creative types have in your pads. Love all sorts we have been collecting for over 30 years, this just arrived from Dave Buonaguidi only £30 and fundraiser for Cafe in the East End. Going in the kitchen.

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Got this recently, looks great in a frame. Loads of other good stuff on the site. Really like the italo print / t-shirt.


That’s great and a bloody bargain, not sure how they make any money though, truly Art for Arts sake eh.

Nice! I picked up a couple of Turby’s myself last year. The Idjuts poster and the Bulilon poster.

I have grabbed a couple of John McKie prints recently. Fantastic quality. His originals are quite affordable, but they go very fast.

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 7.08.36 am


I have this West Coast Jazz screenprint by Shag

Beatniks by Derek Yaniger

And several of my own collage creations


Stayed in this ace Motel in Palm Springs that had a lot of his art in the rooms, think he has a Gallery there now too, great stuff.

Your collages are dddddope! Really like the forest primeval with the archaeopteryx. Is more of your work posted online somewhere? I’d love to see.

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@universalcollage some great stuff on instagram… @brendr

Currently staring at this, which my son did about 10 years ago


Canvas painted by my (at the time) 8 year old sister. This is probably one of my most prized possessions. It’s bloody good ain’t it?


Gav - hate to be a debbie downer, but that print, although of a similar style, isn’t a Shag piece. BTW - thanks for linking my instagram!

@brendr here’s a better look at the collage above - mainly constructed from cutouts from old children’s encyclopedia’s


Pretty happy with these prints!
The left is by D. Pantyushin and the right one is from East Germany in the 70s it’s claimed


Ha you are right I should have done my due diligence! But in my defence we stayed in this room so you can see why I added 2+2=5… cue endless Dad jokes about ‘going for a shag’, wore plenty thin by the end of the weekend.

Have an old Milt poster in the kitchen, love his work, Dylan not so much. :wink:


The Wicker Man print in my Hallway


A couple of Pete Fowler litho’s of Larry flanking Andrew


Love me some Mr Seahawks, this is an early one from mid 90’s, portrait of me, have no tribal tats and don’t smoke fags but you know…

I got this at Submerge in 2004, a poster by that guy Kenjii who did some art for Recloose’s records on Planet E:

And then I got this for xmas, need to decide where in my studio to hang it. This photo was taken by one of my best friends who is a rodeo photographer (lol) at demf 2007 while I was standing next to him. My sister had it printed onto a sheet of metal to hang. Pretty dope.

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