Where's Music At?

Packing only his most ambient synths & trusty guitar with only a lava lamp for illumination, tarotplane drops by Tonight’s Dream Records to pick up some sandwiches before setting his Universal Positioning System for the heart of the kosmische sun. Luckily there’s space in the van so hop on board for this most cosmic of road trips.

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This is good…


Im very interested in this, cheers.

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A recent one on growing bin. Not yet listened to the whole album but it was playing in local record shop and sounded pretty good, slow dubby Balearic house


New Kelela a beautiful exercise in restraint and wide open production. So nice. Wish it was about 20 mins long! Vid nice too.


Love this

That’s great

Sounds really intriguing - I’m going in…

It’s been a long stressful week, so the chill out agenda has been ditched for the day & the end of week freak is back, and there’s no better new listen than the driving, psychedelically swirling, insistent grooves and Pan-Arabic punk of Al-Qasar whose new LP for Glitterbeat is saying something on every level. I imagine the live show is worth travelling a long way for.

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Here’s a shameless slice of self promotion as well :slightly_smiling_face:

The latest single from Greg Dallas & Jan Esbra’s forthcoming Confluence LP on The Slow Music Movement was released yesterday and it’s a sparkling, iridescent slice of ambient electronica that was arranged from the best moments of a 20 minute long intense improvised session by these two jazz guitarists. During the session they used an old piano, their guitars put through lots of effects pedals and a synth - I hope you enjoy it. Check out the video if you need a bit of neural rewiring

Here is the Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/album/6KJPQ6INn5MaOF2fafvW3b
The Smart URL to all other streaming services: https://ampl.ink/m39rX

New Khruangbin out today with Vieux farka Toure, currently doing the business for me

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Its a great album, really enjoying it.