Where are you going?

We’re on our way to Connollys of Leap tonight, it’s a village, well a bend really in Co. Cork that put on great gigs some Irish / London folks playing tonight. This says it all lol


Heard good reports from a mate who was playing

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It was a very good night, the music was excellent.

Yeah it was good… Great venue that have been putting on gigs for years. Worth a visit over if you ever get a chance, not to far from Cork City but still miles away :wink: the fish go deep nights are always a good one…

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Faith last night. Was nice to be out again.


Was brilliant, all played really well and in particular Jack’s set upstairs was amazing. Osborne really pulled out all the stops at the end downstairs, his selection was both inspirational and emotional.

Any tips for an out of towner in London for the day before Lowlife on Saturday?

Nice beers, few different food options and generally nothing too snazzy. Music in the background optional. Haven’t been on the case planning as I’ve been otherwise distracted with life in general so any tips appreciated. Staying Blackfriers but can be anywhere obvs. Ta

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Thought about that, Kings X one good shout

The South Bank Spiritland is nearer. I’d meet you for a beer but I’m now having to give Lowlife a miss as I caught Covid. Gutted.

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A couple of options south of the river so you don’t have to get on the tube after several pints.

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Oh no! Nightmare :sob:

Nice one thanks. Exactly the sort of think we’re looking for, something easy before out out

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Just arrived in the local pub for a mates birthday drinks… Best to arrive first :innocent:


Peace to the Test Pressing crew and greetings from Malibu!


Doesn’t look so bad

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It’s a hard knock life!

Looks amazing. Enjoy your time there.


Anyone been to the Outer Hebrides? Going in May, any tips (eateries etc) appreciated.