When Clubs Go Wrong

Me and my mates once went to a Farm gig at the Astoria when they had that upper deck with little tables with red lamps on them. Weatherall, Farley and co all Djing… The Farm were playing and a massive row kicked off on the bit upstairs with the little red lamps flying everywhere. Singer from The Farm was on stage saying ‘eh eh - what about all together now’ which didn’t curb the situation.


Long time lurker here, seemed liked an appropriate point for a first post! I was at that night, wasn’t it billed as a Flying Xmas party? I do remember the tear up on the balcony & also remember being sick on the stage (was down the front) before The Farm came on & a roadie pulling cables through his hands only to find them covered in my puke! He went mental & just sort of hid! Good times……


It was a Flying do if I remember rightly. Think Rocky and Diesel were on that bill too not sure although it might have been a Flowered Up party.

This one, I assume? (Not my ticket)



I remember in 93 going to a Pushca in a film studios in north London Rampling was there banging out hardfloor acperience and waving around wildly. All the usuals were there in the crowd boy George fat Tony MC kinky etc all going for it when all of a sudden those lovely gold chairs with the red velvet upholstery started flying everywhere, bottles smashing all over the place loads of coked up football bods swinging at each other girls and drag queens running for cover and the security not being able to do anything. utter mayhem completely ruined the beans we were on. apparently it was three football firms all going at each other. everyone legged it Rampling stopped the music and got on the mic telling people to stop stabbing each other. we left
didn’t know whether to put this in the 93 thread so went for this one.
good times
:flushed: :roll_eyes:


Yes been in a few clubs when its kicked off. Absolute vibe killer. It happened at Basics once late 90s at the Mint Club. Anywhere else it would have been game over but of course Dave Beer managed to get the party back on.

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Yes we were there too, major downer. Was ‘reminiscing’ with Ric and Debs about it a few years ago. We were in the middle of the dancefloor when the chairs started flying.

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Hacienda - cs going off, numerous flying bottles, people being chinned. Salford gang driving a car into the most excellent night at wiggly worm. Gunchester period, big vibe killer


Different type of nightmare but was walking into a club that had water spewing down from the ceiling and people thinking it was a part of the show. It was sewerage water from a burst pipe in the toilets above.


The Farm one… Then after that they did Altogether Now and lots of fake snow fell from the ceiling that made you choke when it got stuck in your throat heheh…


It doesn’t go much wronger than it did this night.

One we’ll never forget….


Mr Rampling would frequently mix acperience into sister sledgés we are family. I’m guessing that was the final straw for the Gazelle-clad brethren.


Went to a free party on the beach in Barry Island, South Wales in the early 90’s. Beautiful sunny morning etc. Some of the locals fell out with some lads from Cardiff (probs over who were sorting out the refreshments). Cardiff lot went and got a load more chaps who turned up with hammers! Ears were bitten off and all sorts. We locked ourselves in the car