Whats the last record you bought?

I’m not sure as I haven’t heard the 12 there appears to be no timings on both releases either.
The twelve is dollar by the looks of it too!

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Ok thanks for checking. The 7” seems to be at a refreshingly reasonable price so well worth it. I haven’t played the 12 but might dig it out and time it this eve. Just for fun like :joy:

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Cheers postie! And Mudd😃


For the Mad Professor dub


Good this!

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Thank you @howler !

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Alright - just bought this weird little thing. Dont know what to called it - Lo-fi Greek Folk Ambient collage? Maybe reminiscent of early Muslimgauze. Really good. Nice label as well.

Speaking of Muslimgauze, anyone recommend an accessible entry point album?
His back catalogue is pretty big but been wanting to check his stuff out for awhile and don’t know where to begin.

A couple of recent ones:

ENC/Surreal Estate. 1990s album finally pressed on vinyl by Trevor Jackson. Long story about this one. Sounds great.

New one by Ruf Dug on Pinchy & Friends. Love this. Good variety of influences - dub/cosmic/disco/tropical. Suitably left field.

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He has kind of a discography thats pretty accessible to everyone interested in electronic music. From the early grainey tapeloop stuff to the later clean-digital sampled era. In my opinion, Muslimgauze is like Coil. You just need to start :slight_smile: But my recommendation would be the following three albums as an entry:

Zul´m - Just amazing percussion-driven tunes with a nice atmosphere. Around this time it seems he used a lot of synths/synth samples in a hi-pass filtermode which really works out nice. Best track: Indian Summer Of Benazir Bhutto

Hamas Arc More experimental vibes on this one. Drones mixed with fast percussion-samples. Best track: Yasser Arafat’s Radio (last version)

“Mullah Said” Maybe the most wellknown album or track nonetheless. But its also really good and kind of sums up Bryn Jones middle to late sound. Best track: Mullah Said (duh)

I also love Return of Black September, Abu Nidal, Veiled Sisters, Citadel and many more. But those three should get you started.



Thanks! Will start with those 3 :+1:

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This, 100%


Only listened to Zul’m so far :ok_hand:
You’re right about this one, dope.

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big fan. using uh “club” music as a reference point, this is amazing and “playable” in the sense that’s it just cruises along at about 130 bpm all four-on-the-floor for about an hour. i’ve wanted this on vinyl for more than 30 years, and apparently someone has pressed it within the last couple of months. soooo thank you for the reminder!



This is so beautiful.


Great track titles, I’m intrigued

Yeah, right? Really sticks with you.

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Thanks for this, I really like. It’s got this ‘Pat Metheny-Lyle Mays of the 21st century’ vibe over it


Fantastic album and perfect description.


a quick discussion about muslimgauze on one of these threads inspired this purchase: https://www.discogs.com/release/30147680-Muslimgauze-United-States-Of-Islam

one of my all time faves, and the first time it’s been pressed on vinyl!

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