Whats the last record you bought?

sounds like on here when i listen to a few tracks in the same thread then 4 or 5 start playing simultaneously.


Really haven’t been buying records this year but went out today and spend a good 3 hours in a local spot and came away with some nice bits. Had to put a bunch back, but that’s how it goes. I ended up with

Only ever had this on cd, so was stoked to find a US OG on Subpop from 1995. A kind of white boy indie version of the Meters - tight instrumental grooves and an early project for John Herndon of Tortoise.

Fellow Sydney resident body corp delivers a new LP consisting of “balearic synths and dreamy swells - an atmospheric anthology of vignettes that could just as easily soundtrack a long train ride through the Italian countryside as they are at home in Sydney’s quiet bays and bywaters.” Recommended.

1997 classic produced by John McEntire for Chicago supergroup The Sea and Cake. This is a great intro to the band if you are unfamiliar.

This absolute belter - you know it, I know it - I’ve never owned it, until today.

The second solo album by ex Brasil '66 vocalist Lani Hall. Some stunning arrangements and songs on this one - a sleeper!

Deep house/ambient dub vibes on this 4 tracker from 2018. New to me and will feature in my DJ set this weekend!


Missed out on red hair girl at lighthouse beach

Not sure I can bring myself to pay the discogs price…

Ohh that body corp is very nice!

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Vic Mars new album, gets amazing stuff out of what is now primitive gear.


Not this one, sadly … £90 for an album!


Madness. I was tempted for a bit though.

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The Luaka Bop deluxe reissue of Pharoah. I know it’s Amazon, but it’s the best price I’ve seen in the UK since release: Amazon.co.uk

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any chance anyone here ended up with an extra copy of the a.s.o. album? i refreshed the bandcamp page compulsively but apparently they never offered the vinyl on there. seems to be pressed in germany and sold out pretty much everywhere. hoping i don’t have to pay stupid collector prices if i secure one now.


I looked when in London a few weeks ago and everywhere I asked said no. Would love a copy of it.

Album of the year for me I think

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I ended up buying mine from Germany. It was sold out everywhere in U.K.

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Agreed on album of the year.

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Nearly bought an original in Boston earlier in the year for $80 but left it. Pretty happy this Be With repress

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am i missing something here?

sounds nice enough, but a bit Morcheeba :grimacing:, not hearing an album of the year contender by any stretch, or at least not to my ears.

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You should know that I don’t listen to that many albums so it’s not a huge field for me.

But yes, each to their own, I really like it and whilst there’s a ‘trip-hop revival’ element it sounded fresh and struck a chord with my 2023 mood.

We need to get the Best of 2023 thread up and running.


That bass clef remix is unbelievable

fair enough, like i say, it’s not in anyway bad, i could just imagine hearing it playing in the ultimate try-hard tv show of the late 90’s - This Life.

my album of the year was decided very early in the year, which may not be to your taste tbf and is hardly ground breaking either, but the sentiment behind it and the music on it is really special.

Thes One - ‘Farewell, My Friend’


Ordered this the other day after listening through it on Bandcamp.
Really impressed by the range on display and the maturity of the production.
Don’t often buy things on impulse, but I’m looking forward to giving it a proper listen when it arrives.

Really enjoyed Ripples on Rhythm section, missed this thanks!