What you reading

I’m one at a time but my mum is a mad reader and has 2 on the go minimum and likens it to being into a few series on tv at once!

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I start a book and it triggers other ideas. So reading about R D Laing and he talks about Freud, so I start reading the relevant bits of Freud. And so on.

Completely the opposite if I’m reading fiction.


I find I have to finish one before I start another.

I’ve taken a break from Shuggie Bain for this

Good to have something different on the go
Covers the period when he was a penniless druggy wastrel living in wrecked apartments in the worst parts of town


I took a break from that, it was quite bleak and I needed a break from it but really enjoyed it overall


This piece on the White Stripes. Meg was the very essence of the white stripes, proving it doesn’t have to be the most technically proficient member of the band who defines their sound and what they are. Jack has never been so good without her.

I like Karen Elson wading in on it as well. They all had strangely intertwined relationships, with I suspect Jack being a far from easy person to live with.

He’s allegedly an extremely unpleasant piece of work.

Yep, I think it’s amazing and I’ll definitely finish it but… taking a little holiday from 1980s Glasgow

Shuggie Bain - wow. Perhaps one of the most searing, real, portraits of alcoholism I’ve read. Unforgettable book. I skipped his newest one as I didn’t think I could take more of that for a few years at least.


Looking forward to this!


Just had a read of this, interesting stuff, two lines at the end about making $1b selling an energy company was a bit like ‘what?!’.


Got mine this week, hooked. Amazing work.



Excerpt from a new book about Donna Summer & Moroder

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Just casually tossed in there. Rich people, innit

Not at all related to music, but a very informative read for those that want to learn more about long term investing and financial planning. I’d suggest getting it from the library…

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I like the look of this and have ordered it. I won’t spout my thoughts on it until I’ve read it :nerd_face:

The Commune (podcast)



‘We took the bassline from Mozart’: how Double 99 made Ripgroove | Culture | The Guardian BANGER

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