What you making - one for the merch heads

I’ve set up a new corner of the forum called Garms for all the thread heads (is that a thing - hope not heh)… Anyway, point being, I can see there’s some people who really know their shit backwards when it comes to clothes and smells so stick it in here as many of us like this side of things.

And this thread is for all of you making tees and stuff… Be nice to see what you’re making : )

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I make stuff just for myself and my friends, basically bootlegs. Our game is to imagine the t shirt rack at Union in Soho which was my favorite store and imagine what we would want to go in there and see-

Some recent joints


With Covid kicking in and successive lockdowns beginning to affect the regularity of the vintage market stall I was running, I started another company last December.
DiscoTees sells a combination of homages to some of the lesser known clubs and record shops of the Ibizan scene in the 70’s and 80’s (Glory’s, Festival.Club, Flip Music and Club San Rafael), along with some of our own ‘re-edits’ and designs. They seem to be going down really well and we have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline, with some well-known Balearic faces.



I’m looking to print some tees this year, just trying to source the best printer that is both cost effective and of a high quality. I have the designs ready to go - just not sure about how to go about choosing quantities and sizing. Ideally I’d love to be able to make to demand, but that’s not effective - I also want to avoid being left with overstocks of tees that I assumed would sell. Any advice from those who already manufacture would be appreciated. Here are some of the tees I hope to have available.


This is my wife’s side venture

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I’ve done loads for various ventures (Surf brands, Classic Cars, Coffee Co. etc) Sizing for your order is usually the hardest, depends on your demographic which is hard to judge from the get go. Was always L and XL heavy for most of mine, some M and a smattering of S and XXL. Then colour versions of the T which can make it a whole lot more complex.

Print wise are they going to be printed white areas or rather discharge for a softer feel? There is a lot of expensive colours in the designs, also just black T’s? To get those colours to pop on black like the designs you will need to print in ‘platicised’ inks, they can be quiet hard and not that nice imo…

Saying all that might be just the look you are after… :wink:

The Arthur Russell one is great, all of that art work for the flyers for The Kitchen was so well put together.

It was an era when being an artist wasn’t a thing you attempted to confine to one medium. I know there’s a tendency to romanticize bygone artistic eras but I was watching “Painting With John” last night and just kinda zoning out about how the guy and everyone he hung with just kind of “arted” as a verb- you paint you act you sing you have a tv show where you fish for sharks with Jim Jarmusch. I endorse the idea of art as credo. I make bad art all the time BECAUSE I CAN. Hurts nobody and frees the soul.

I print tees and totes too.

Merch on bandcamp


like it!!

New drop yesterday which seem to be going down well

Acid House Life Coach — Disco Tees


Lovely design. I would buy either Karen Carpenter or Virna Lindt

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I made this tee with a mate of mine and local Birmingham based brand Provide during lockdown 001. Any Brummies who have a distinctly Balearic mindset may like…I think theres some prints of it available on the same site as well,

Mighty happy with how this came out.


Just made these


ahh I noticed that a few weeks back. It’s a great tee paddy. Bham represented too !

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Ages ago I used a panel from a cartoon I saw on Facebook for a t-shirt and sweat. Everyone loved them. You can now buy the whole panel t-shirt via @howler and his Disco Tees company. Is It…?

Indeed it is.


First purchase with my next paycheck. This is like the precise intersection of the Venn diagram of my interests.


Thanks Paul, appreciate it x

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