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Right, never shy to promote the things I am passionate about… Every Sunday I do a 2 hour stream from Ibiza, its more of a radio show vibe then a DJ mix… I even have access to a beach webcam so you can see the lovely Med waters lapping at the shore.

There is a chatroom with a nice bunch of people hanging out, so a nice positive start to the day.

Session starts at 9am GMT / 10am CET over on Mixcloud


I recently set up an online brand, www.DiscoTees.co.uk
We produce high quality prints on t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, paying homage to some of the lesser known, yet influential clubs, and record shops from days gone by, such as Glory’s, Festival Club, Cellophane, Club San Rafael (the precursor to Ku), Flip Music, etc - plus we create our own ‘re-edits’ of logo’s with a Balearic twist! We add new designs monthly and have some exciting collaborations coming soon with record labels, album launches, etc.

Our site has a blog which provides further information on some of the venues featured and links to mixes which are updated fairly regularly.

We are also more than happy to look at adding links to other businesses who’s ethos align with ours - together we are stronger and all that (aka F*ck Amazon) :slight_smile:

Here are two of the latest drops which are proving popular.

Thanks x


Yes mate, quality stuff… Looking forward to getting my hands on the bits and bobs ordered…

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CHeers @Phil - should hopefully be shipping to you tomorrow x

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Really enjoyed you show Phil. A great way to wake up on a Sunday morning. :pray:

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Thanks Simon, helps me keep on top of all the great music I am discovering and focussed in these strangest of times. Thanks for dropping in :+1:

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Im doing a weekly radio show on Cratedigs radio, every Sunday 12-2pm, really chill and slow/balearic music, really trying to keep the vibe slow and relaxing, (defenetly not a time and day to play 130bpm techno bangers).
I also do a show once a month with a little crew called BENICE CLUB on Netil Radio, we do play all sort of stuff, usually keeping the vibes positive and nothing dark: disco, edits, balearic, jazz… really all sort of.
We doing one today and we invited Jack from Eldica records to do a little mix for us, we will be live from 13:00 to 15:00 if you fancy


The wonderful Cosmo played one of the tracks from the next vinyl outing on my NuNorthern Soul label yesterday on her WorldwideFM show, The Balearic Breakfast

The track is from JIM aka Ron Basejam and is a cover of The Cult, PHOENIX, its the first track on her show HERE

Its taken from the 4 track EP ‘FALLING THAT YOU KNOW’… which lands on the 26th Feb…


Looking forward to this one dropping

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NuNorthern Soul Winter Warmers Season 2 limited cassette and digital release today over on my NuNorthern Soul Bandcamp and digital / streaming on all the usual platforms.

Tracks and mixes from Faint Waves, Ragz Nordset, Ron Basejam, Ryo Kawasaki, Andi Hanley, Joan Bibiloni, Mike Salta, B.J. Smith, Blair French plus more.

Early support from Phil Mison, Chris Coco, One Million Sunsets, Manu / Archeo Recordings, Bill Brewster plus a whole heap of other righteous music heads.


The first radio show of 2021 dropped a couple of weeks ago, loads of floaty electronic mixed with some acid folk and cosmic Americana:

Hello everyone, I made a track along with some great artists from around the world for this compilation, money will go in for the support of Glasgow Mutual Aid, hope you like it.
Much love to everyone

AMCA are giving away their Andy Weatherall ‘Godiva Mix’ in a pay what you can style. As they say "To commemorate the 1st anniversary of his death, and to celebrate his life and artistry, we’re giving this track - CPI (Godiva Mix) - to you on a pay-what-you-want basis. If you’re skint we reckon he’d want you to have it, but if you can afford to give something we are donating every penny raised to one of Andrew’s favourite charities, Thrombosis UK.

Rest in Power Andrew and thank you for the music x"


Has it really been a year already… :confused:

Well, as we’re speaking of Andy, he did two remixes for me back in 2018 as well. Of the cover version I did of Lindstrøm’s ‘I Feel Space’. They’ve been free since his passing, and I don’t intend to charge for them ever again, as a small tribute to the legend that he was.


Nice cover version


This Sunday as part of my Sunday stream sessions over on Mixcloud LIVE I will be focussing on the music and productions of B.J. Smith (Smith & Mudd, White Elephant).

Ben has done several releases over the years for my NuNorthern Soul label and so much other music as part of Fug, Akwaaba, Smith & Mudd, White Elephant, library music for the legendary KPM, to say fingers in many pies is an understatement.

Anyway, its a 9am start for those in the UK, 10am CET… get the coffee on, and jump in the chat room, a few regular faces hanging out there.

You can find it HERE


Me again… :rofl:

The EP by JIM aka Ron Basejam / Crazy P has dropped digitally and vinyl lands next Friday… Getting lots of love from all corners…


new radio show up. good morning listen :wink: Off Rotation #13 by Res.Radio | Res Radio | Free Listening on SoundCloud