What Kind of Headphones Do You Use for DJing?

so the covering on the outer foam on my main set of cans has deteriorated and now i’m left with the soft fabric underneath. and you know what? i prefer them this way, they aren’t so sticky on my sweaty neck.

getting them to this point was work though, and there were a few gigs where the black coating stuck to my face and neck, which wasn’t the best look for a middle age man trying to appear somewhat cool.


I like that foam too, actually, but it sort of sucks to isolate the sound in a club environment…

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On a (non DJ) headphone related topic, I picked up a pair of Sony WH-1000XM4’s about 3 months ago, my first foray into noise cancelling headphones and they are amazing. I used them on a trip back to England and it was the most stress free travel I’ve done - no bus/airport/plane engine noise, I sailed through the trip in an ambient music wonderland, and was a lot fresher arriving in the UK than I’ve ever been, they really make the whole travel experience a lot more pleasant. I grabbed a pair as Sony bought the new model out (which doesn’t seem to be a whole lot different and physically maybe worse!) so you can actually snag a relative “bargain” at the moment- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-WH-1000XM4-Cancelling-Wireless-Headphones-Black/dp/B08C7KG5LP

I use those as well. Charge quickly, work great, app on the phone Is great as well to control levels etc. very comfortable. I also have a pair of Seinnheisser Momentum 3’s that I was gifted but have never really used.

Sony MDR 7506 with a velour cup upgrade
Total comfort at home and #indaclub

However the recent onset of quite loud and permanent tinnitus has made me consider whether I use them at all… (I feel a thread coming on).


Definitely with you on the velour!
These fit the 7506 if anyone else is interested in this upgrade:

You’re right about the comfort levels! I sometimes struggle a bit with my big head but these are a joy to wear for long periods.