What is Jackin?

Early Chicago house is full of Jackin. Subsequently the term has become a bit confused. So what are the tracks that you think of when you hear the word? The ones that make you wanna be in a sweaty, dark place, around 3am unable to stop your body from moving. What does Jackin mean to you?
These are my two:


Mike Dunn! The moment at around 1:50 is one of the reasons I love house


A few faves

Not trad Jackin but definitely right 3am vibe for me!


Yep, right in that groove, thanks!

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Jackin’ or just banging? https://youtu.be/B9uHG7IHW-M

Well it’s certainly busy enough, with all that high percussion. I think if you played this after Work it to the Bone some people might get a bit resentful about being told what to do all the time. Its a Jackin track alright though!

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Some of you may wonder who is Jack and what is it that Jack does…

Blake Baxter - Sexuality - YouTube

Joe Smooth - Going Down (320 KBPS HQ) - YouTube

Tyree Acid Crash House Mix - YouTube

Lidell Townsell - Party People Jack Your Body (House Mix Radio Edit) - YouTube

Jack is the one who gives you the power to Jack Your Body!


Jack your body
House nation. Stuff like that.
I mean, people were dancing like daleks all over the place for a year or two, but sound of Jack gotta be that early stuff, listen to it now its machine music, not deep house of Sterling Void, just Jack.
Oh yeah, I rather jack, than Fleetwood Mac.


Yeah Definatlely all them :slight_smile:


I bought a copy of that Carolyn Harding record from a tiny shop in Miami. Ironically she used to come into the cocktail bar in Leicester where I worked as a student. So a bit of a long way around.

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Always think of Dance Mania being the epitome of Jack, from the classic early stuff through to the later ghetto style stuff…

3 to make you jack


I’ve been deep into this early house sound since last year, discovered a few gems.

Ironically this is the NY mix but I like it the best for Jackin purposes. Street mix has some cool 303 action though and is also great:

Jackin in a housepipe:

Sounds familiar:

Some crazy early Derrick Carter action, rewinds and all:

And this one, which has sadly crept up in price:


Perfect Jackin material there, none of which I had ever heard before. Thanks. Strangely, I was listening to that BT Express track, Peace Pipe, only the other day. And that is a very familiar Salt n Pepper sample too. The raw materials of Jackin house were varied.

Sparse, primitive, acid-inflected Jackin grooves. Makes me want to lose my shit.


I can’t believe there’s a house version of peace pipe and I never heard it until today. This forum is bad for my bank balance but good for my sanity. I’ll take it.


Post of the Day!

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Let’s not forget this one :raised_hands: One of those tracks that fits in any set