What don't you get

Wheels = road
Feet = pavement

Adult wearing a cycling helmet riding a bike on the pavement shouldnt be allowed near schools imo


:thinking: 10 years earlier.

Never gonna stop it until cycling is taken seriously on the roads. Catch 22.


Loved Colt, what a banger.

Dude claims it’s an “Abelton sample” in the comments here?? Stream Jamek Ortega, Maxi Meraki & Samm (BE) - Don't Care Anymore (Original Mix) by Jamek Ortega | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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He didn’t know… Lol

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Really unconvincing survey results on beauty product adverts on tv in the small print at the bottom. I saw one earlier which boasted a massive 73% of 43 people agreed with whatever claim they were making (presumably some variation on younger looking skin / less wrinkles / glowing cheeks or whatever). This is from some huge multinational company like L’oreal. FFS the advert is probably costing millions to produce so do a proper survey you lazy fuckers !

I surveyed more people than that for my geography GCSE coursework when i was 14 years old.

And only 73% is a bit shit for something you’re trying to sell me. I want like 98% or something.


And while i’m on the subject the ludicrous accompanying science. Peptides was all the rage a few years ago but i see hylaronic acid is the essential ingredient du jour… or that’s what 73% of the 43 people asked say anyway


People being angsty towards people riding bikes


It’s the pavement ones that also ring their little bell to let you know they are near you that are really pathetic. Ding Ding.

They’re letting you know they’re there.

I’m gonna just come out and say it, if anything required legislation and training before you’re allowed to do it it should be being a fucking pedestrian :roll_eyes:


On the few city breaks that I’ve done abroad (Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam), one of the greatest pleasures is picking up a hire bike - Lime, Donkey Republic - and exploring the city on the really wide, well marked and yes safe cycle lanes they have there. I’m no MAMAL, hell I don’t even own a bike here in London but I do know that this city is pretty much fucked for cyclists, and I would never try the same thing except maybe around London parks. Once on the road though… it’s a jungle out there. Fucking shame.


I’ve got no issue with cyclists being on the pavement/cycle paths in London, it’s what they’re meant to do. What I cant understand is why anyone would risk their lives cycling on the red route when it’s patently obvious how dangerous it is, and it holds up the traffic, causing more resentment between motorists and cyclists, which surely is what were trying to avoid.

Surely traffic holds up traffic rather than people on bikes?

And lights, crossings, junctions, emergency services. Refugees obviously!
But aslong as you’re 6” from the bumper in front you are ‘making progress’:joy:

That’s two on the ‘Nonce Bingo’ posted on the other thread


Good grief.

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On a related note, I had a quick look at Rampling’s bin fire of an Instagram page.

One post pays glowing tribute to a “freedom warrior” called Jeff Wyatt. Wyatt is dead now but was for a time the deputy leader of the For Britain party. For Britain was/is a virulently anti-Muslim Far Right political party, which has consistently espoused racist sentiments and policies. Wyatt quit For Britain to rejoin UKIP in its post Farage form, when it too espoused conspiracy theories and racist tropes about Muslims and migrants.

I know Rampling played a key role 35 years ago in the acid house movement, but the bloke is a crank conspiracy theorist who spends his time defending Far Right tropes and indulging and amplifying racists and other conspiracy theorists.

At the time of writing, 38 of my Instagram followers are following him, which is really depressing.


I only started following him after mentions on here.

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I follow him just to see what a loon he’s become.


Although the innocent until proven guilty principle is obviously fine, its very weird how none of these twats seem to think that maybe, just maybe, its possible to “expose media lies and corruption” (or just make them up) but also be a bit rapey and a horrible piece of shit at the same time.
Given Brand’s stage persona was mostly about being a sexual deviant even the smoothest of drug addled DJ brains must be able to consider the allegations as being plausible.

can only assume that those actively defending him might have a few similar unpleasant skeletons in their closet.