What are you watching?

The one that starts at 1:06. This ^ is so good though…

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It’s a version of this (which I love!) but seems to be only on the soundtrack and not released.


The final episode of curb your enthusiasm was brilliant :+1::+1:


Isn’t it deep in vogue off the aforementioned album ?

Made it through ‘A Murder at the End of tbe World’

Wife enjoyed it more than I. I found the acting pretty ropey from some - Clive ‘Cresote’ Owen and others.

Still, entertaining enougn, I suppose.

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Robot dreams with the kids at the cinema was good. Animated movie about a dog and his robot mate with no dialogue.

Also just finished the edge of everything. Insightful and inspirational doc.

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Halfway through Ripley, enjoying it so far, great cinematography as has been mentioned and Andrew Scott portrays the emotional blankness of a psychopath well.
My fave bits have been the scenes with Freddie in (played by Sting’s son i’ve learned), the unspoken tension between him and Tom is riveting.


We loved Robot Dreams. Surprisingly affecting.

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Near the end of Ripley now and still loving it. The Italian policeman is an absolute joy. Some of its recurring visual motifs are a bit overused. There’s an awful lot of walking up and down steps.


Loved it, gonna miss that bunch.

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How amazing does this look?


That’s how you do a trailer. That final shot with the lipstick! :fire:


Yeah I had reservations about a sequel 'cos Joker was a banger but have to say it looks great. Supposed to be a musical isnt it?

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I think it looks great too, and I was certain it would be awful when they said it would be musical. If anything, I think I just want to see Joaquin do it again, because it looks like he’s delivering.

Evidently the director clarified that it isn’t a musical in the traditional sense, but will be adjacent and that music will factor in quite a bit to the narrative.

That sounds much more appealing me. I find musicals largely awful (there’s one for the what don’t you get thread), but that gives me hope. Weaving music into a narrative is not the same as weaving a narrative with music.

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Well well Fallout review – an absolute blast of a TV show | Television | The Guardian


Looks incredible. Coogan too!


I really enjoyed Ripley, thought it was gonna be pretentious, but was pleasantly surprised, actor that plays Ripley did a great study on DSM 5 michavellian / psycopath traits

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Finally saw Poor Things - LOVED it - how good is Emma Stone?


I thought i was going to hate it, but its class

This is what my mate said after seeing it