What are you watching?

Angered me a little. No one prepared or able to tell the directors the truth because of ‘protocols’

Might not bother with it, I’m only on episode 2 and seemed to be fading already

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@dreambeam - check this out for more Curb junkie fix. You can listen as a podcast or watch on YT
BTW - the new season is so great already!


Really really enjoyed Slow Horses. I think Gary Oldmans character Jackson Lamb is my favourite ever character in any TV series!


Currently binging Rick Steins new series on BBC 2 Food stories. 15 episodes. Do enjoy a good cooking program. :smiley:


Same! It’s great

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Just finished it, didn’t think I was gonna like it but I loved it and finished it in 3 days. Both leads were fantastic, particularly Ambika Mod :heart_eyes:
The last episode had me in bits tbh.
Great music throughout as well as others have said, loved Iceblink Luck playing over a Summer sunset.


I liked True Detective ep 5, thought it was decent and at least its getting somewhere now. Seems like there’s a conspiracy unfolding. Hopefully it will have a satisfactory finale next week


Really enjoying this after our oldest put us on to it. Great lo-fi sci-fi.

That Cohen sounding song has people searching everywhere for it… Looks like John Hawkes wrote it for the show.

Also really enjoying it- halfway through season Two

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4 episodes ini this K-drama - so far it’s excellent!

I got 50 minutes into Climax. What a complete load of utter wank.

Going to watch Victoria now. It’s been a few years since i’ve seen it. Amazing vibe and concept.

Ended up watching Beau is Afriad. That was some EPIC shit. Might be one of the best movies i’ve seen in a few years.


Looking forward to this looks great


Ever reliable Storyville.

Post-war policy in lots of countries was ‘so long as your not a Commie’ we’ll turn a blind eye to anything else and you’re welcome.


That looks all kinds of crazy :anguished:

Oh it was. All the kinds. I had to watch an explained video afterwards and I missed so much stuff. Going to need a second watch.

Watched the last episode last night, I thought it delivered on every front. Glad I stuck with it.

Yeah, it was a decent finale. Few minor gripes but on the whole it was a good series. 6 episodes just enough.